Trump Gets Dumped

As a person who’s written a few sonnets (check out my book, 155 Sonnets), one of my pet peeves (right up there with people confusing to and too and writing loose when they mean lose)is people who call their poems sonnets when they are clearly not sonnets. Sometimes, they are barely poems. But, you can’t tell them anything.

In comedy news from the Republican primaries, let’s talk about Donald Trump. Never before has a candidate’s announcement of their candidacy gone so badly. It was the line about all the Mexican rapists coming across the border. Of course, Republicans say this kind of crap all the time, but Trump somehow managed to be a little bit extra offensive.trump
First, all over Mexico they are selling Donald Trump pinatas. There are all sorts of Donald Trump memes on facebook in Spanish. Five minutes into the campaign and he totally lost a major demographic.
Then, he got fired by Univision, the Spanish speaking TV station, which really wasn’t too surprising. With that, he lost his connections to a couple of beauty pageants. He’s got a hot wife, but that’s got to be a serious blow to his standard of living.
Then, he got fired by NBC. Whoops.
I guess he’ll just have to go back to being a property developer.
Instead of responding to these events with humility and apologies, he has responded with bluster and rage. Not good, Donald.
If you can’t handle Univision and NBC, you can’t really be trusted to negotiate with Putin.


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