Writing Goals for the Summer

Summer is well and truly here, and I don’t know what to do with it. My resolution is to write two books.
That’s not such an ambitious resolution as it sounds. One would be a collection of poetry, most of it already written. The first step on that is to go through my stuff, what’s on the computer here and there in different files, and see if I’ve got enough. If so, I’ll slap a title on it and send it off to createspace.com. If not, I’ll have to add a bit more. I’m writing an average of three or four poems a day lately, but most of them are very short, like 4 or 6 lines. That’s mostly fueled by my “Poems about Paintings” page, though, and a lot of them wouldn’t really work outside of that context.
The page has influenced my writing, though, and I think improved it. It’s also changed the motivation a bit. Start with nature (the vast majority of paintings I write about are landscapes) and proceed to some universal truth of the universe. Poetry is a way of seeking the answers, of seeking enlightenment.
The other book I would want to be a novel of some sort, and I’m racking my brain looking for an idea. Something that will just hit me and I can start writing and look up a couple hundred pages later and there you are.
I’m going to go sleep on it right now.


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