Epic Day

My favorite comment of the day was from someone who wrote (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘If you record every thing that happens in a day, it becomes an epic’ and I’m not sure if by epic he meant a journey, or a quest, or just really, really long but I realized right away what he meant.

Today I woke up a bit late, after a dream with a black rabbit, watched TV and pootered around on facebook until I left at about 10 for a class with a girl (I’m not sure exactly how old she is – 12?-) who hasn’t had a lesson in two months and I thought her parents had given up on the idea, but if I wanted to really tell the story I’d talk about what I had for breakfast, and all of the back and forth exchanges I had on facebook, and what TV programs I watched and what I thought about them, and how I just had to remember to stick my card in the machine to validate my Metro Pass for another month but I forgot and then after I got off at Malostranska and had crossed the street to catch the tram and nearly stepped in front of one coming the other direction and, just as the 22 was pulling up, I realized I’d  forgotten to validate and I looked at the clock, it was 20 to 11, and I was torn – if I went back to the station to validate I would miss that tram and might be late but if I didn’t, it’s actually  quite a regular route for inspectors, so I went back in and then didn’t have to wait so long for the next one. I knew as soon as I got on that I wouldn’t be late, at least not by more than a couple of minutes, and there were two stunningly good looking women sitting together, one blonde, one brunette, and the brunette was wearing sunglasses, and they might have been sisters, they might have been colleagues, but in the male fantasy cortex of my tram riding mind they were lesbians, and maybe they’d just had a fight because the blonde was staring out the window with a miffed look, but I didn’t want to look like a pervert so I began to look out the window as well, it was a sweltering hot day, and some of the clouds were dark and it looked like it might rain but it never did and there we are up to an epic and the day had barely begun.


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