Apocalypse Soon

It is stinking hot and I wish it would rain.  Rain clears the air, relieves the tension.  I like the rain.

Of course, I shouldn’t complain.  Some people are living where there is actual drought, and wildfires.  And there’s going to be a lot more of that.  Because the climate’s changing.  It’s changing a lot faster than we thought it would, according to a guy named Jim Hansen, who used to work for NASA and I guess is somewhat of an expert on the issue.

He says the sea is going to rise 3 meters within the next 50 years.  There goes Venice.  There go the Seychelles.  There goes Florida.  That might actually wake people up a bit.

If the Seychelles go under there will be a bit of a refugee problem and some people will have to reschedule their vacations, but the people who matter won’t be too bothered.  They are the White Rhino of nations.  They will disappear and people will forget they every existed.

I feel pretty lucky, to tell the truth, to live in the Czech Republic.  We’re far enough away from any coastline that we don’t need to worry about the ocean rising.  We don’t live along any known fault lines, so we’re probably never going to do in an earthquake.  We’re nowhere near Yellowstone so when that erupts and kills 90% of all the people in North America, we’ll be just fine.  No hurricanes here.  Forest fires are not a big problem.  That could change, I suppose, if drought becomes the order of the day, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Yup, we’re pretty safe here.


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