Grand Slam

Just got back from my first ever poetry slam and it was grand.  It was no big deal, really.  There were just two of us who signed up, and one was the emcee, and it was his idea.  We did it in the middle of the regular poetry reading, so it spiced things up.

This guy

This guy

I delivered a piece from Poems from Prague, which is from 2002, I think, and have not read it in in nearly all that time.  I had a real good time.  I would not mind doing that again.

Right now, I am hammering this out, seem to be stuck on a Czech keyboard, which is why I am typing out some usual contractions, because I§m looks silly.

Nothing really more to say about poetry slams.

Watching a food program on TV now and  this guy travels all around the world, I have seen him eating insects in Africa, but tonight he is visiting England and he says !mmmm, that§s good! after every thing he eats, even haggis.

You never hear one of these guys saying !bleeech,  That suck§s!

Truth, or entertainment.  It seems entertainment is winning.
Talked afterwards about how to get more people to sign up


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