To start with, to answer one question, same New Year’s Eve resolutions as every year: to write a couple of books and lose weight.  So, there’s that out of the way.

It is snowing outside, quite heavily, so this might be the first real snow of the year, which is a nice, symbolic way of opening the year.  A big change, a clean slate, a fresh start.

Mostly, though, I am celebrating the end.  Not just of 2015 – it was, on balance, a pretty good year, at least for me – but of the whole war on Christmas -New Year’s industrial complex thingie.

It is the end of ‘the days.’  The next big ‘day,’ when everybody on facebook posts exactly the same thing, i.e. ‘Happy _____day, I love you all!’ will be Valentine’s Day, or maybe the Super Bowl, I’m not sure which comes first any more.  American football, like basketball and Christmas, are trying to dominate larger and larger portions of the year, but there are limits.

Of course, the  Iowa precinct caucuses are February  1st.  As a political junkie, I’m interested in that, but most people won’t even notice that and all campaigns in both  parties have prepared some version of a victory speech if their candidate gets over 20%.

Still, it’s a major moment.  In 2012, bad results in Iowa forced Michele Bachmann out of the race, in 2008 Iowa made Barack Obama a contender.

I’m sure there will be many great moments in 2016.  There will be unforeseen inventions, there will be advances in robotics and AI, and breakthroughs in medicine.  There will be singers, and dancers, and painters and writers who amaze us and thrill us.  There will be epic sports battles, and hundreds, maybe thousands, of new planets will be discovered.

There will also be tragedies, death and destruction, but let’s not dwell on that.  Happy New Year.


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