Fan Theory

I’ve just started book 5  in the Song of Ice and Fire and I’ve got  a  theory, which is  probably not going to come true, because George R.R. Martin is writing  the  books and not me, but there may be spoiler alerts  in this blog if  you’re  not up to book five (season 5? I don’t know how the TV show works, I’ve  never seen it), but  if you are  worried  about spoilers, ha, ha, your problem,  you could stop reading  now, I  suppose,or trust that I won’t give away too much (not making any promises) or you could go on  the idea that since  I’m guessing  wildly, spoilers don’t count,  and they really don’t unless I’m right and, to be perfectly honest, I’m usually not.

illyn payne

Not Who He Appears to Be?

Anyway, here it is: Since Jon Snow, according to the shapeshifter in the preface, has latent shapeshifting powers  but doesn’t really  know it yet, and Bran Stark does, too, and since Jon  and Bran have the same father  but a different mother, they must have inherited it from old Ned, which might  mean that Ned Stark is not actually dead, but his soul jumped into the body of the nearest person at the time of his death, which would be the executioner, Ilyn Payne.  And it would make sense that weird old Ilyn  never told anybody about this, being as his tongue is cut out.

I suppose this theory could also  raise Robb from the dead, too, but then he’d be inhabiting the body of one of the Frey’s, and I  get the feeling they are in for a long, slow, and brutal decimation of their ranks at the hands of the semi-dead Catelyn,  in  revenge for  Robb’s murder, but that  would just be too weird because it could  lead to Catelyn killing her son without  knowing it  was her son to avenge her son even though her son will not have had been murdered.  Not completely, anyway.

A lot of tension but too many tenses.

Far-fetched, I know, especially since people  you thought  dead but later turn up  alive (like Bran or Catelyn), usually  reappear within 4 or 5 chapters  at  most or at least within the same book.

But, I guess I’ll just have to read it and see.


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