Some Random Thoughts

O.K., my goal tonight is simply to hammer out 250 words and be done with it.  I can’t comment on Obama’s state of the union address because he hasn’t given it yet.

The new is on TV and they’re talking about the assaults in Cologne.  Yes, it was a very bad thing.  But, I don’t think the right way to end the problem is to limit immigration, or to make it easier to deport people, although if they’re assaulting and raping people then, they deserve whatever they get.

I think the thing to realize is that on New Year’s Eve, there are lots of people on the street, lots of them are drunk, and crazy shit can happen.  Next year have a few more police on the street, and maybe lay  on some free transport so women can get home safely.  Although race may actually have figured into it this time, the real problem is assault, and that can be dealt with without bringing race into it.

Slowly, everybody seems to be forgetting about the Bundy bozos.  The death of David Bowie, electoral politics, there are always other things happening in the world.  Maybe they will all just slink off home when nobody is looking and that will be an  end to it.

That’s not actually good enough.  I’m not a violent or vindictive person, I’m not one of those whose been saying the Feds should go in  with massive force and kill them all, and I don’t think they need to do egregiously long jail time.  A couple  of years would do, so they have a felony on their record and see the seriousness of their crime.

Fining them won’t do any good because they just won’t pay the fine.




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