As I do at times I’m going to have some time on my hands, I made a list of things to do this morning and got a couple of the easy ones done right away, i.e. choosing a couple of poems and sending them off to a friend who edits a magazine. Choosing the poems came pretty easy, figuring out how to get them to him proved more difficult because my computer skills are somewhat less than Mark Zuckerberg’s. When he was like in the 2nd grade, probably. Another was to post my blog to a writer’s site I recently joined, and am already having my doubts about.
It seemed a great format for getting my blog out to more readers, but it seems to be a swamp of right wing nut jobs and trolls, who comment on everything to raise their own numbers but who are not really communicating.
So, those two things done, and a couple of important messages responded to, I sat down to smoke my first joint of the day. And didn’t get much more done for the rest of it, either.
Part of that is undoubtedly because the first thing I want to do after I’ve smoked a joint is to smoke another joint. Partly it’s because I’m getting older and can’t multitask quite as well as I used to.
Whatever. It was a lazy day but with more positives than negatives, and now I am off to an early sleep. Love, Willie

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