A Wee Suggestion for Mark Zuckerberg

One thing I find frustrating on Facebook is when you want to leave and do  something else, you get that little box saying, ‘You have not finished, if you  leave now your work will  not be saved’ or words to that effect and the reason I find it frustrating is that there’s no way  of knowing which of my comments I failed to complete.  Of course I  can scroll back through, and sometimes I do, but it takes forever and, often as not, I cannot find the dangler.  Other times, when I do, I think, dang, I wasted 10 minutes trying to find this and all I said was …..

I’ll usually go ahead and hit send and get on with the day, but I wish, instead, they would give you that little rectangle and instead it said “You have not completed your comment on Joe Blow’s post” or “You have not completed the status update you started” or “Happy Bir is not even a full sentence, you moron.”  You know, something that would give you a clue.
I’m sure  Zuckerberg and co. have the programming smarts to do  that, but they seem to spend all their time figuring out what to censor and what not.

That’s about it, short blog for the night, it was a pretty  good day but I’m done.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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