Sam wanted to go to the movies because was discount night, a mere 80 crowns, about half (of course there’s the popcorn and drink, which means it’s not totally cheap in the end, but we don’t go that often, so it’s cool).  I would have loved to have seen Blade Runner but, there’s the whole thing about how  if I want to see a film, he doesn’t, which can make it difficult to find  something  we both want to see.  I also would have  been  happy with Justice League or  Ragnarok (well, I mean, I  would have  been happy to go to them, I  have no idea if I’d have been happy afterwards or not.)

His suggestion  was Flatliners.  I’ve never seen the original, but  remember wanting to, and it sounded like an interesting premise, so I agreed.  Then I noticed that it got a huge Suck rating from Rotten Tomatoes, but by then I was committed.

What do critics know, critics are stupid.  It was a great film.  Kind of a medical film,  struggling students  offering suggestions in a Dr. House type meeting, kind of a horror except after the first death, when I thought it was going to veer in the classic ‘everybody dies except for maybe the  central  couple’ direction, but it did  not.
I wish they’d gone a bit deeper into what was  actually happening inside their heads, like scientifically, but they got  about as much  into  that as they could  without it being a documentary.
I’d give it a four out of  five stars, at least a three and a half.  It won’t change your life, but it will keep  you entertained all  the way through  it.


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