Poem of the Day

It’s too late and I  am too lazy and too uninspired to write a proper blog, but I did just get back from the December Spit it Out Poetry Reading at the inimitable A Maze in Tchaiovna, the place with the hidden doors to magic rooms.  It was an O.K. evening, not a very big crowd, but I was pleased with my own  contribution, which I  just finished this afternoon, and it’s a long one, so it will just have to suffice for a blog this evening, and here it is:


People, people
Little people
We are only
Little people
We are not as
Bold as badgers
We are not as
Fierce as lions
Swift as cheetahs
Sleek as sharks
We’re not as deep
And not as dark
We are not as
Elegant as
Eagles flying
Way up high
Who see all the
World below them
With their piercing
Eagle eyes
We are nowhere
Near as awesome
As the animals we see
On Animal Planet, on TV
We are disassociated
From the world in
Which we’re living
As we’re walking
All around it
We don’t often
Feel the grass, and
Dirt and sand
Beneath our feet
Most of us have
Never killed the
Animals we
Gladly eat
And we live in
Flats and house
By a number
And a street name
And a post code
Two can never
Be the same
We have a place
We have a name
We are units
In a great
Machine that is
Just getting started
And, although we
Have departed
From our roots, our
Primal being
That’s the price we
Had to pay
To be what we
Are today
We have thought, and
We have language
Clever sayings,
Jokes, and music
Books and films and
We are at the culmination
Of thousands of years of
We have so much
Things will never
Be the same
In the ever
Changing game
At each stage of
There are problems
And solutions
If we choose, then
We can be now
So much better
Than we were
Every peak
Becomes a platform
From which we can
See the future
See the ever
Changing future
Future of the
Human race
Across all time
Across all space
But if we want
To get that far
We must be better
Than we are

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