Stupidity vs. Intelligence

We are all one species, and every race can interbreed with every other race and, at some point in history, probably has, except for maybe a few remote jungle tribes, and they will soon.  So, racism is stupid.

We all live on one planet, we aren’t even close to being able to move to  another – even if we colonize Mars in the next couple  of decades, which I’m all in favor of, it will  be more like the colony of scientists in Antarctica, than the discovery of the Americas was to Europe.  If we destroy our planet, almost  everyone in the human race will  die.  Probably everyone.  So, not wanting to protect the planet is stupid.  It’s as stupid as driving faster when there’s ice on the road.

Wars kill people, and everybody in the world knows that.  So, supporting war as an instrument of public policy is stupid.

And yet, we have  so many people  who are racist, anti-green, and militaristic.  It’s not just a legitimate difference of opinion. There are differences of  opinion about  exactly what racism is, about the best way to clean up the environment, and how can we  wean the world from war without  leaving anybody at the mercy of the last warlike people, but there  really shouldn’t be any difference  of opinion about the  stupidity of these things.

But, there is.

This is the struggle for the future of the human race.  Stupidity vs. Intelligence.  And it sure as hell looks like  stupidity is winning.


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