The Middle Class vs. Everyone Else

The most encouraging thing I saw today was from a representative of the  EU, who said (I’m totally paraphrasing) “You know, this Brexit thing isn’t inevitable.  If Britain wants to just forget about it, we’d be willing to leave things just the way they are.”  I think that is what is going to eventually happen because, as much noise as the Tories make about it, they know they are just spouting racism and bullshit to please their  base, and that actually leaving  the EU would be a disaster for Britain.

Speaking of their base, they really are very similar to America’s Republican party.  The core leadership is from among the ultra-wealthy. ( In Britain, that also  means titled, but whatever.  Money is money.)  And yet the  vast majority of their voters are not wealthy, or terribly well educated, at all.  As in America, they are the people who are worried that foreigners might take their jobs because they are the ones in jobs that foreigners could easily take.  Stacking boxes, cleaning houses, picking fruit, stuff like that.  Jobs for which English isn’t a requirement.
Between those two groups is a wide gulf, populated by people who aren’t among the filthy rich, but are smart enough to know the rich aren’t on  their  side.

So, the Republicans and, and the Tories, get the extreme rich and the  extreme (white) poor, and the Democrats (and the liberals) get the rest.
It’s no wonder they are trying to destroy the middle class.  The middle class votes against them.

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