Cheating Blog

I’m cheating and writing last night’s blog this morning, which means I’ll have to write another tonight to keep even, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  There’s a lot of time between the morning and the  evening and if the news cycle doesn’t provide any  inspiration, something  else will.
It was just tiredness, I got home late from a poetry reading – well, late by an old man’s standards, and late because it  was after a day of teaching and not getting home in between, but it wasn’t truly late.  The reading went O.K., it was at a new place, which was not bad.  Kind of an off the beaten track neighborhood, but near the yellow line which is good for me, comfortable enough, but it had what I consider the fatal  flaw for a poetry reading, i.e. it was not a space designated for such activities.  When you have people  in the same space who  are  there for drinks, or for dinner, and didn’t specifically  show up for  the poetry reading, they’re going  to  keep on talking because why shouldn’t they?
Anyway, my  three short, silly  poems were fairly  well  received, they seemed to raise a few chuckles, a few smiles, which weren’t completely forced, but my longer piece, a brilliant work of genius on the nature of time, did not elicit the awe and profuse praise I thought it should, but that’s always the way when I write something long that I think is a masterpiece.

Then I came home to find the Democrats had completely caved in and ended the government shutdown with absolutely nothing to show for it because they are a bunch of suckbutt losers, but that seems to be the consensus opinion.  Maybe I’ll blog on it tonight, maybe not.

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