Trump v. England

Of course, Harry and Meghan are free to invite whoever they want to their wedding and are under no obligation to invite people they don’t like…sort of.  Even though he’s not in direct line to be king, he’s pretty danged close and, if Trump weren’t a complete and absolute racist dickhead, he would have been invited, just because he’s  the American president.  I bet Angela Merkel will be there, and probably several other world leaders with only the slightest personal relationship with Harry and Meghan.

But, he is a racist dickhead and Meghan Markle, who is of mixed race, shouldn’t have to put up with having him at her wedding.

Then, the news today was that Trump said he’s not going to visit England unless Theresa May can ban any protests.  Of course, that’s absurd.  Theresa May can’t ban protest in England any more than  Trump can ban protest in the United States.  You know, free countries and all, theoretically.

So, it looks like Trump might not be going to England any time soon.  I doubt if he would be well received in Haiti or Africa, either.  Certainly, he wouldn’t be a great hit in Mexico.  This is really a bizarre and unprecedented situation.  Up to Trump, American presidents have traveled abroad very freely.  In fact, it’s usually been a  chance for them to make  speeches in front of  friendly, welcoming audiences.

Nixon managed to go to China.  Trump can’t go to England.  Sad.

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