Paid Actors???

One question mark means it’s a question.  Three question marks means you’ve got to be kidding.  The accusation that those Stoneman  Douglas students who’ve become anti-gun activists are actually not students at all, but paid actors, is not only absurd, it’s also easily disproven. (this is a high school.  A lot of the kids know each other, and their teachers know them)  The Republican congresspeople making these nonsense charges were surely aware that they were nonsense.  In  fact, they could have had no possible reason to believe they were true. (because they weren’t)

So, the only possible explanation is that they figured saying something,

even if it was completely untrue, was better than saying nothing and

allowing the anti-gun people to have  the initiative for one news cycle.

They are so invested  in the ‘keep throwing shit against the wall and

some of it will stick’ tactic that they are just blurting out random

nonsense, and they know their base will forgive them for it and

the rest of the people never expected  any better of them anyway.

They are liars and slanderers who are not above spitting on the

graves of dead children, if  it  keeps reasonable gun  legislation from being passed and keeps their bribes from the NRA rolling in.

I suppose it’s  a good  sign.  It means they are running out of arguments.

They said “this is not the time to talk about it,” and everybody

else said “Yes, it is.”  They said “It’s really  a mental  health issue”

and everybody else said “O.K., let’s talk about mental health.  We’re against

mentally ill people being able to buy guns.  How about you?”

They said “Let’s arm the teachers” and everybody else said “Jesus H. Christ

on a pogo stick, just how completely retarded are you?”  So, then

they say the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High speaking out on the issue aren’t really students at all.
There is just no low so low that they won’t go  there.

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