I enjoy memes that show how large the universe is like that one where the girl is lying on the lawn and the camera zooms out to show an aerial view, and then the city, and then  the Earth from space, and then out till your getting a view of the whole  galaxy and then back in and into her eye and down to the microscopic level, but the one I  saw today was titled “Most complete view of  the universe  ever” and maybe it was, I’m sure there are many competitors for that title, and it focused on something called the Laniakea Supercluster, which I’d never heard of before, and that’s a little bit humbling because we’re in it.  So much  we don’t know.
Laniakea means ‘Immeasurable Heaven’ in  Hawaiian, and that’s appropriate.  It’s a cluster of 100,000 galaxies and, since our  own galaxy contains approximately 200,000,000,000 stars, we really don’t have an exact number but that’s a low estimate, we’re looking at  200 billion times 100 thousand stars and I don’t know if that’s gazillions or quintillions or what but it’s some really huge number, and there’s definitely more than one supercluster in the universe, probably another number with multiple zeros.
And yet when whichever side of the planet we happen to be on turns its back on  the sun, we look out, we see straight through our atmosphere of daytime soft blue, that amniotic sac that protects us here on this planet, which is the womb of whatever the  human race will be when we go beyond this earth and go out, out, out to explore the universe.  It is endless and that is where our future lies.

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