News of the Day

So, Don Trump, Jr.’s wife is divorcing him.  I actually saw somebody say “This is a private matter between two people” and so we shouldn’t comment on it.  Well, screw that.  He’s a dirtbag who shoots elephants for kicks, he’s a big part of the world’s most dangerous crime family, and somebody thinks we’re not going to mock him for getting divorced.  Think again.

It’s uncontested, meaning they’ve probably worked out a cash settlement between them.  I hope she took him for a bundle, but I doubt she took him for enough for it to hurt, or it wouldn’t have been uncontested.
She said it was ‘because of his travel and his twitter presence.’  I can’t imagine what her problem with travel is.  I should imagine the more he travels, the more time she doesn’t have to spend with him, which could only be good for the marriage.  The twitter account comment interests me, though.  I mean, it can’t be just that he has a twitter account.  That’s not an unusual thing.  So, it  must be the things he says on twitter.  That, I can  understand.  Constantly, she is reminded that she married a moron, an obnoxious, offensive, right wing moron, and it probably embarrasses her.
I hope to hear more news on this, but the ‘uncontested’ part means we probably  won’t.

In more lighthearted news, Bernie Sanders showed  up, unscheduled, at a gun control rally in D.C., where the crowd  was mostly high school students, and the crowd went nuts.  Hillary Clinton couldn’t have done that.  Joe Biden couldn’t have done that.  It’s not just that Bernie is always on the right side of the issues and constantly fighting for the people.  It’s that he’s got something damn near nobody in the Democratic party has these days: charisma.  That counts for everything in politics.

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