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Last night I didn’t get around to writing my  blog until almost 1 a.m., nothing was inspiring me as a topic as I sat, immobilized, at the keyboard and simultaneously flipped through the channels on the TV from one grisly murder to another.  Watched one real case, they can generally hold my interest longer than the police procedurals where they always find the clue by blowing up the CC footage to a point beyond which it can be blown up in real life, or finding, via a quick computer search, the only store in  New Jersey that sells that kind of carpet fiber.  In this case, it was a rabbi who murdered his wife, I was surprised they didn’t suspect him from the beginning because I thought the husband was always a suspect but it was complex, a murder for hire, and they did nail him eventually, and then I was watching the last half of a movie that I saw maybe the last 15 minutes of the night before and maybe eventually I’ll see it from the beginning but maybe not.  Essentially, it was an absurd amount of death by guns interspersed with some funny quips, a few humorous accents, and one hot lady FBI agent.
Then, when I’d finally decided to say ‘screw it’ and just start in trying to write a stream of consciousness screed to get the blog done and go to bed, my blog popped up without the little box in the upper right hand corner that says ‘write.’  So, since my ‘IT department,’ as I sometimes refer to her, had already gone to bed, I put it off until this morning (she fixed the problem in about 2 seconds), and here is my make-up blog.  I’ll write a proper one  this evening.

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