Roseanne Barr, Fallen Star

Roseanne Barr is finished, and  deservedly so.  The tweet that got her show  canceled was vile, ignorant, racist, and offensive and there’s no way she can play this off as  a joke.  With the national anthem, I  figured that was a joke  and I remember seeing her on Leno, I think it was, but some talk show, and  the host asked how she felt about President Bush’s criticism of her performance and she said “Well, I’d like to hear him sing it.”
I liked her in the beginning, her  standup stuff and  the  first Roseanne series.  It was  actually quite groundbreaking  for  the time,  a  sitcom about  a  working class  family, like, who weren’t rich or beautiful.  And, it was funny.
But, this was out  of line.  She’s done, and she’s not  coming  back.  Her  career has as  much possibility of a future as Victoria Jackson’s.

In other, sadder news Alan Bean passed away.  He was one of the few men to ever  walk  on the moon, to  ever  walk  on any natural body  in  space other than the Earth.  He was 86.  Some day soon they  will  all be gone, like the cowboys of the Wild West, like the knights  in shining  armor of medieval times, and there will  be no more.  That’s what’s  sad.

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