Company Coming

Today was the last day for another class, the lads at the technical school in Prosek who I only taught once every two weeks, and it was an easy class, we talked about films.

Tomorrow, all of our guests are arriving, we have to go out to the airport in the morning and then back into town to meet everybody else at the bus station, so it will be busy.  First day, I don’t know we’ll get much sight-seeing done, the main thing will be getting everybody settled in, only one is staying with us the first few days.
We’ve got no set itinerary.  Whenever people come to Prague, they come with things in mind, things they want to see, things they’ve heard about, and so we’ll go with that.  One of the party has never been here before, so we will do the standard tourist tour at least one day.
We may or may not take a day trip at some point, Konopište maybe, we’;ll see.  I’ll keep the daily blog going, and I’m sure there will be interesting tales every day.


In political news, I’m glad to see the White House press corps is not letting this issue of separating small  children from their families at the border just slide by.  One after another, they ask the same question, and some are pointing out, quite clearly, that there is no law that forces the Trump administration to do this, that’s just a lie.

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