Eric Serra

Well, it was a night out, a date night I suppose you  could say, and as far as that goes it was great, but as far as concerts go, I’ve seen better.  I’m not complaining.  That’s because we had free tickets, courtesy of a friend of Helena’s at work.  If we’d paid, I’d be complaining.
It was a night of multi-media, was how it was billed.  All that meant, in the end, was that as the band was playing, there were slides, and sometimes video, on the big screens behind them.
The musicians were good, I suppose, competent and all.  It was Eric Serra, the guy who composed the music for Golden Eye, The Fifth Element, and a whole lot of bloody  stuff with Jean Reno.  It was, at the best of moments, like watching a bunch of movie trailers.
On the plus side, I  like watching movie trailers.
That’s it for tonight.  Short blog.  It’s  late.

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