October Spit It Out

Just got home from a poetry reading.  It was the newly returned Spit it Out series, still  at the A Maze in Tchaiovna, and I was glad to see it back, although minus founder and driving force Kae Pillar, who is off seeking other,  weirder environments.  I was a bit nervous as to whether or not it  would have the same energy and, to  tell the truth, the jury’s still out on  that, and I mean the jury inside my own head, I can’t  vouch for anybody else’s opinion.
There were not a lot of people there at the start, and I believe the new host was getting a bit nervous but, power to him, he didn’t waste an absurd amount of time before he rounded up what stragglers he could from the front room and outdoors, for a balmy Indian Summer evening it is, and got things going.
There were a lot more readers than you would have thought possible for a crowd that size (which did grow a bit once things got started) and there were quite a few poets I  liked, particularly the girl who did the poem about ‘resting happy face’ which started off nice and upbeat, and then turned pretty dark in the middle.
My stuff was received about as well as it deserved.  This  concept  poem that’s been rattling around in my head for about a week now, all about magic and science and witchcraft as an ancient art and why  shouldn’t it evolve in tandem with science, it’s all about use of arcane knowledge to alter the environment, and  there are portals to alternate dimensions but we need to figure out how  to find them, wasn’t coming together and I was losing the thread but there were a few stanzas in  there that worked, I chopped it up into two  short poems and left out what I  had to and it  worked fairly well.  I was pleased, anyway.

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