Pay Up, Cheeto Head

I’ve been very open about the fact that I’m not a fan of Elizabeth Warren.  She talks a great game on economics, and I’ve no doubt she is well informed on that subject, but she didn’t support Sanders during the primaries, she didn’t stand with the protesters at Standing Rock, and she voted for the insanely outsized military budget so, basically, she sucks.
Nonetheless, Donald Trump owes her a million bucks and an apology.  He took her casual statement that she has some Native American ancestry (and I’ve heard lots and lots of people make that casual statement – in some cases it is probably true, in some cases probably not) and never once thought to question anybody about it.  If somebody tells me they are an Aries, I don’t say “No way!”  If somebody tells me they are allergic to cucumbers, I would never say “There isn’t any such thing!”  I’d listen to them instruct the waiter to not bring them anything with cucumbers in it, and hold my tongue.  Not my business.

But, Donald Trump did make a big deal about it.  He said if she could really prove Native American ancestry, he would donate a million dollars to the charity of her choice.  He has been calling her Pocahontas, as if he thinks that’s the funniest joke in the world, for over a year now.  It’s not a funny joke.  It wouldn’t be a funny joke if she were 100% Native American, and it wouldn’t be a funny joke if she were 0%.  It’s a stupid joke, and a racist joke, that left the decent, civilized people of the world cringing.  His followers loved it, though.

Now, Elizabeth Warren has taken a DNA test, and she does indeed have some blood of the old tribes in her.  So, she’s calling on Trump to pay up.  Trump, for his part, is saying he never said that (but he did.  He’s just a liar.)
I’ve heard from plenty of his supporters on my Facebook page, saying “It’s not very much Indian ancestry,” and “It doesn’t really matter, does it?”

These people can turn on a fucking dime.  Their only interest is in winning the immediate argument and they don’t care if they have to contradict every thing they’ve ever said before, possibly because they can’t remember most of it and didn’t mean it sincerely even at the time they said it.


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