Dark and Light

The universe is almost all dark, with little blazing bits here and there, glittering galaxies on the black, velvet emptiness.  The two do not exist in equal measure, but the two exist.  Life may last for a century, at the outside, but death is for eons.
nonetheless, light and life is where we find ourselves, it’s the side we’re on, and we have to fight for it.  At the moment, it’s not looking good.  Scientists tell us we’ve got 12 years to reverse the course of global warming, and the next thing you know a total crazy person who wants to cut down the Amazon, who would like to cut that 12 year window down to 6 or less, is elected president of Brazil.  And China, despite making great strides in high speed rail, suddenly decides it’s O.K. to hunt rhinos for their horns again, because superstitious old men in China think powdered rhino horn is something like viagra (it’s not).
So, it looks like we’re fucked.  Nonetheless, inventors keep improving energy collection devices, and batteries, and engineers and architects are designing more and more types of green homes and communities, and innovative people keep finding new ways to recycle old materials.
Just as most of the universe is dark and there are a few glimmers of light here and there, most of the human race is stupid and self-destructive, but there are rays of light here and there.  I hope there are enough of them.  Because the forces of darkness are determined as hell.

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