Post Election Analysis

How the Democrats expect to win in 2020 is beyond me.  Tuesday’s election was a blue trickle, not a blue wave, and they actually lost ground in the Senate.  Now is the time, therefore, for Democrats to analyze what they did wrong (because this election really should have been a blue wave) and to act differently  from now  until 2020.

  1.  They need to be aggressive as hell about impeaching Trump.  Taxes.  Corruption.  (not Russia.  That’s just a bullshit distraction.)  Win or lose, they keep him on the hot seat and build their own support.  When Republicans wanted to hamstring Bill Clinton, they impeached him over a blowjob.  They didn’t get a conviction, but they did win the next presidential election.
    2.  They need to fight for some causes that people like.  Health care would be a good one.  Raising the minimum wage would be another.  Cleaning up the environment would be great.  Legalizing marijuana, ending private prisons, and getting big money out of politics are all popular positions with the American public.  Keep proposing legislation and make the Republicans fight against every one of these things.
    3.  Forget reaching across the aisle, or being bi-partisan.  Do NOT elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker.  She doesn’t want to impeach Trump, she fucking loves Donald Trump.  She got along fine with George W. Bush, too.
    I’ve seen Barbara Lee mentioned as a possible Speaker of the House.  That would be a good choice.
    4.  Embrace your progressives.  Work with them to fight against Republicans, and do not ally yourselves with Republicans to fight against progressives.  That’s what cost Claire McCaskill her seat.  It could easily cost the Democratic Party the next presidential election.

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