It’s the Leaves

Donald Trump has blamed the recent California fires on people not raking up their leaves, and he sort of has a point.  Although some people may have raked up the leaves in their own back  yard, there were definitely not enough people volunteering to rake up the leaves in  the million and a half acres of mostly national forest that have burned this year.  It’s the tragedy of the commons thing.  That big patch of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is embarrassing, but getting a boat out there and spending all day scooping up plastic with a net is more effort than people want to make when they can sit at home and watch TV.  We all complain about street crime, but how many people are donning super hero costumes and leaping out at the criminals from the windows of tall buildings?  Not very many.  People are just slackers.
And leaves burn, they really  do.  So do  wooden houses.  I think all  houses in future should be built out of concrete, brick or stone, and built underground so they are safe from the threat of nuclear war as well.  But, are people willing to go so far?  Noooo, they all want houses that ‘look nice’ and ‘have a beautiful view.’  Selfish bastards.
Leaves burn, and wooden houses burn, and you know what else burns?  Trees.   That’s right, trees.  We apparently have far too many trees in our national forests.  If  we chopped  them all down, we would have lots of lumber, which is money, and the forests would be a much safer place.

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