Geography Bee

Choices of TV viewing is a big area of conflict in our family.  Partly that’s because of the  language difference, i.e. my wife and kids don’t want to watch anything in English and I don’t want to watch anything in Czech, especially not the soap operas my wife is totally addicted to, but also I don’t much like cop shows and my kids are right into those now.  The Czech cop shows (like Criminalka Andel and Specialista) are basically clones of the American formula, with the discovery of a bizarre and grizzly murder in the beginning, and then a crack team of super dedicated and self-righteous police people bully a series of suspects, and find clues like a bit of carpet fiber that only one place on the whole planet manufactures or  some stupid shit like that.  More murders occur on Czech TV than in real life in the Czech Republic, I’m almost certain.
Anyway, today my daughter broke the pattern and wanted me to watch a ‘Geography Bee’ on YouTube, it was out of the U.S. and I think her motivation was to show me I’m not as smart as I  think I am, at which she succeeded admirably.  This group of kids, from 11 years old up to about 15 or 16, I would guess, totally put me to shame.  I did all right in the first round, when the topic was U.S. State Capitals, but with each round the level of difficulty increased a bit and these kids were answering questions about places I’d never even heard of before, without hesitation, and pronouncing them correctly.
Despite the idiocy coming out of Washington, D.C., despite the dumbing down of Western civilization, despite the pernicious influence of T.V., and the internet, there are still some hella smart kids in  the generation coming up.  There is still some hope for the human race.

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