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Very often, after I write a blog, I think “Oh, now I know what I should have written.”  This happens in conversation even more often, of course, because that’s real time, but it still happens with a blog, and it happened last night.
After analyzing Trump’s impenetrable paragraph of stupid, I realized I was probably overly focused on the illiteracy of it all, which probably doesn’t bother his illiterate base one bit.  Of course, none of it is going to bother his base one bit, but there was one bit of scientific ignorance which stood out above all  the rest.
After his ridiculous statement that American air is cleaner than ever but the air in China and Russia and other places is totally filthy, he added “and when you’re talking about an atmosphere, oceans are very small. And it blows over and it sails over,” which kind of proves that he doesn’t know what the atmosphere is.
Yes, it’s bigger than the oceans, and it goes the whole world round (like the oceans), but it is an important part of Earth’s biosphere (like the oceans, again) and this means two things: the pollutants do not dissipate and drift off into space, is one thing, and the other is  that it’s not divided into “Chinese air” and “American air.”  Once there’s  too  much  carbon in the air, we are all going to  die.
Air moves.  And it doesn’t matter how high  he builds the wall.

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