My Favorite Part of the Year

…and now comes my favorite part  of the year.  Not my favorite season, because it’s still winter, and winter is cold and miserable.  Pretty when it snows, but I live in the city so most snowfalls turn to slush, crushed under the wheels of cars  and heels of pedestrians, within half a day.  We might get a couple of weeks a picture postcard  beauty in February or March, but by then everybody  just wants winter to hurry up and be over with.
My favorite season is spring, or  maybe autumn, because it’s not too hot and not too cold but rather comfortably in the middle, but I’ve got to  give the nod to spring, because in spring we’re all looking forward to summer, which is glorious, and in autumn all we have to look forward to is winter, which I don’t look forward to at all.
What I mean when I say my favorite part of the year is the part that starts on December 26th and runs until about the middle of October.  That 10 months or so of the year that hasn’t been totally co-opted by Christmas, and capitalist Christmas at that.  I don’t really hate Christmas.  The kids had a great time, their cousins are here as well, and it was really great today as they all  went upstairs together, played with their new games (a VR dance thing was the most popular) and laughed great shrieks of laughter.  I ate a lot, and it was all O.K., but I’m glad it’s over.
We’ll be able to  watch things on T.V. which are not Christmas themed and we have not seen dozens of times already (I am really totally sick of Love, Actually.  It is a good film the first time you see it, it may be worth seeing twice, but it has moved into that rare category of “I wish it had never been made.”
Anway, tomorrow we will be back in Prague, and I will probably write some bitchy, sarcastic political blog, and I will be damned happy to do it.

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