The Big Game

I don’t often do these Facebook name games, but I was bored this morning so I did. I’m not too worried about Facebook harvesting my information because they do that anyway and I just don’t put any of the bad stuff on Facebook, so we’re cool.
It reminds me a bit of a pub outside of which we used to smoke pot, which we’d bought in the pub, in the men’s room. I imagine the ladies’ room worked much the same. Anyway, there were cameras out there, we all knew exactly where they were, but we also knew that it was accepted as a smoking pub and the cops weren’t going to bother us.
Anyway, that wasn’t my point. These games just chug out some random shit which clearly shows they know nothing about your personality. I’ve seen astrology columns which came closer to understanding me. It’s all in good fun, I suppose.
I don’t mind being placed in Ravenclaw, that would actually be my first choice, and the only reason Hermione wasn’t in Ravenclaw was because that would have complicated the plot too much. And I’m pretty happy with Luna Lovegood as a BFF, but Draco Malfoy as my soulmate? Voldemort as my life coach? A cat as my Patronus? (I don’t hate cats, and don’t intend to insult cat people, but there are a lot of animals which would make a better Patronus for me. Not a cat person, at all)
It’s totally random. My point is, Facebook could be doing so much better – or so much worse, I suppose, as the downside to it is pretty clear. But if they were really analyzing our information, checking our posts and comments for content, seeing who we associate with, where we travel and what we do, what music we listen to and films we like, instead of just counting clicks with their terribly underused algorithms, they really could have a clear and frighteningly insightful psychological profile of everyone who uses their service.
I suppose we can all be grateful that Mark Zuckerberg is simply a computer geek without any real understanding of the latent power of this monster he has unleashed upon the Earth.

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