Happy New Year

Despite Brexit, Covid, and whatever fresh hell they are brewing up in the central swathe of North America, there is some cause for optimism in the coming year, and we might as well keep focused on that.
There is a vaccine, although it may have some flaws, and so chances are good that this quarantine will come to an end in 2021 and we can get back to eating in restaurants, meeting up in bars, and riding on public transport without masks. It may even be possible once again to travel to other countries, which I do miss.
Science is continually making advances, in the fields of archaeology and marine archaeology, robotics and cybernetics, and space. Both China and Saudi Arabia have Mars missions planned for 2021. Although people, and the capitalist system, are absolutely determined to fuck the planet, there is still the hope that technological solutions may be found.
In my own life, things are good. We’re all healthy, and that’s the main thing.
Also, I’ve got another book of poetry coming out soon. It’s almost finished, that is, all of the poems are written, and now it’s just a question of putting it together and finding a nice picture to put on the cover. It’s pretty good, too.
As far as New Year’s resolutions go, I’m not making any this year. Because I never keep them anyway.

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