The Blind Pig and the Stopped Clock

Elon Musk, over the past couple of months, has revealed himself to be an extremely right-wing, horrible, possibly insane person. There were the mass firings and the revelations from many former employees about how horrible of a boss he is, several tweets which were severely uncool, and posing for pictures in Qatar with Jared Kushner.
However, as the shakeup at Twitter continues, some things have been revealed. In particular, the fact that the FBI was telling Twitter which accounts should be suppressed, for instance anybody talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is now more relevant than ever.
This is huge news, it broke weeks ago, and not nearly enough people are talking about it.
I’m really conflicted about this. On the one hand, it indicates that I was right, the Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine was a big deal, and my suspicions that the CIA was behind the Majdan coup of 2014, in which the legally elected (but Russia friendly) president of Ukraine was deposed have somewhat more justification than me just whistling in the dark and assuming that the U.S. government is evil just because they always are.
It is also a real solid indicator that free speech in the U.S. is severely compromised, and public information is largely shaped by the government, with the FBI acting as the Department of Propaganda, what Orwell called Minitru, it’s where Winston Smith worked in “1984.”
And it’s all due to Elon Musk storming in and smashing the place up. Like the blind pig that sometimes finds an acorn, or the stopped clock that shows the correct time twice a day, this one worked out for him.
One additional thing, before I go back to thinking of Musk as a horrible human being, with all the patent stealing greed of Thomas Edison minus Edison’s actual inventiveness: I think he will, despite all the fooforaw, eventually make money on Twitter. Sure, quite a few celebrities have canceled their accounts but there are still millions of people who use it to shout at the world every day, and will continue to do so as long as it exists. It is, as the saying goes, too big to fail.


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