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Ave Caesar

Well, gee, if I  look  to  see first  what story gets the most comments  and  then write my  blog about that, tonight’s winner is the archaeologist who did a bust of  Caesar based on a composite of  other busts of Caesar, except it doesn’t much  look like any of them.  I thought  it looked like Bill  Nighy – you remember, the down and  out rock and roller from ‘Love, Actually.’  A lot  of other people thought  he looked  like an alien.

Now, I’m kind of  obsessed with  a  biopic about Caesar’s life which should, obviously, star Bill Nighy.

Which brings us to another topic.  After they canceled the Roseanne show, more than one of my  Facebook friends suggested that they  keep the show, just kick Roseanne off and call it ‘The Conners.’  Well, I don’t know if  the  studio execs were listening or  if it was just such  a great idea  everybody  thought of  it at once, but  it did strike me as a cool  coincidence when studio  execs announced  just that.
I’d never actually seen the show.  I liked the original Roseanne, and she was definitely  the heart of it.  Whether or not this  new one  succeeds will  be down to the writers.  The actors are all good enough, but without smart-assed Roseanne, I  don’t know that the show will have any  pizzazz at  all.
I just hope the write her out in a funny  way.  Choking on  a piece of  chicken at Popeye’s maybe.  Getting run over by a Fox News van.  Abducted  by aliens,  maybe?

Anyway, Roseanne Barr (the actress, not  the character), is unemployed and, as far as comedy is concerned, damn near unemployable.  But, Sarah Huckabee Sanders can’t  keep up her bullshit  forever.  I think that  job would  be a natural for Roseanne.


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A Busy Day

Everybody came over  here  in the morning and Helena made pancakes.  The  original plan was to make waffles, but she tried a  new recipe because one of our party has an egg  allergy and so  the batter was a bit runnier and was just  a big mess in the waffle iron, and then by the time breakfast was ready, the L.A. Watsons had  to take off, they had a lunch appointment with some friends who are also visiting Prague.
The pancakes did come out  just fine in  the  end,  though.
Everybody was around the table, working on a jigsaw puzzle, usually I’m looking at the picture on  the box every two seconds, that’s just my m.o., but most of them regarded that as cheating, so we were doing  it  the hard  way.  It  was cool, though,  the  team effort.  Things everybody can do together are good things, regardless of what thing they are, just because they facilitate being together.  We finished it, though.

Then, I taught my last  two  classes for  the year at Kbely.  It’s  one of  the classes I’ll miss but, on the other  hand, I  am really looking forward to a summer break.

Then I came home and there was a series of confused messages between the 3 parts of our party, the L.A. Watsons,  the Seattle  Watsons, and the Prague Watsons, which led to a lot  of people taking extra trips  that were unnecessary, but eventually we all  met up at their  flat and went for  Chinese, and after that we wandered over to a festival that  was  going  on, there’s always something in Prague, and we were enjoying the scene, but left soon after  the music started.
The L.A. clan has to get up at 3 something in the godawful morning to start  their all day,  two stop  journey home.
It was great, and it was too  short.

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WTF, Melania

Often we get into  arguments about whether a politician is truly  evil or  just  stupid.  It’s a bad  argument.  It distracts  us with an  endless loop.  Are they  evil or are they  stupid,  are they  evil  or are they  stupid, and we stop focusing on doing what needs to be done.
In the case of Melania Trump’s choice of jacket  today, I’m  going  to  go  with evil.  Arrogant, entitled, bitchy, condescending, kickdown evil.

First off, she got a lot of  undeserved credit for making a statement on the issue, even  though it was a half hearted statement “Oh, I feel so bad for the poor children, and Democrats and Republicans  must work to change the situation.”  It was really a lame, manipulative, self-serving, bullshit statement, but the press acted like she was suddenly  Mother Theresa.
And then this.  On a trip  to visit the dear little incarcerated children, she wore a jacket that said, on  the back  of it “I don’t  really care, do U?”
One of Melania’s aides said  there  was no hidden message, and Trump said ‘she was referring to the Fake News,’ which makes no sense at all.
The message was not hidden.  It was in plain sight.  Now, I’m not saying that Melanie Trump is  the next Hedy Lamar, but she is  a professional fashion model and knows  a thing or two  about being  photographed, and you can be damn sure she knew what the jacket said, and how it would be interpreted.

She really does not care.  And, like her husband, we know that she doesn’t care, and she knows that  we know that she doesn’t  care.  And she doesn’t care.

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Day 1

Three rules  of travel.

One: Any people more than a couple people and the progress of the  group slows to a crawl.

Two: Distances are deceptive

Three:  Every time somebody  comes  to Prague, if I just follow what  they  want to do, go  and see the things they’ve heard about, I will  discover new things.

After checking the  gang into  their B and B,  we  decided  to stop  at  the restaurant downstairs for drinks, but some people ordered  food  so everybody ordered food.  The restaurant (Globus in Karlin) has pretty good food, and although I sometimes think  their prices  are a bit high,  when  our total  bill  was produced, it wasn’t so bad.   But, the  service was slow.  So, a second  round of  drinks was ordered because the food was slow.  Then, Helena came just as we were finishing up and she ordered a meal, so a few people were on  their third drink.

Most didn’t have a clear plan, but Russ wanted to see the Dancing Building, so that became our  goal.  I suggested  we  walk along the river  to get there, a nice walk a bit  cooler  by  virtue of being near the water, and not beyond reasonable walking  distance.

Turns out it was  well  beyond reasonable walking distance, and the older members of our party (I would say I’m the youngest of the oldest) were all totally beat, but we went up to the terrace at the top of  the  building for a drink, and I must confess, in all the time I’ve been  in  Prague, I’ve  never  been  up there.  Lovely  view.

I still think it’s an ugly  building.  But,  that’s one  we can  tick  off the list.

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Tonight’s Blog

Multiple screw-ups, but a nice day, and all’s well that ends well.  We went out to the airport to pick up  our friend arriving  from Portugal and it turned out the flight was arriving at 10:55 in the evening, so I  felt pretty stupid, but he never said p.m. in his e-mails, and Helena pointed out that this could  have been avoided by  using European time, i.e. 22:55.
So, then we went to Florenc to pick up  the  rest of the  party, couldn’t seen any  bus  arriving from  Vienna at just that time, took  a quick  walk  around  to see, waited a few more and then sent a message saying  we were waiting at the station, fortunately he answered back  right away “You’re 24 hours too  early.”
Anyway, we had a relaxing afternoon and just got back from the airport,  flight  arrived on time and all is well.

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Company Coming

Today was the last day for another class, the lads at the technical school in Prosek who I only taught once every two weeks, and it was an easy class, we talked about films.

Tomorrow, all of our guests are arriving, we have to go out to the airport in the morning and then back into town to meet everybody else at the bus station, so it will be busy.  First day, I don’t know we’ll get much sight-seeing done, the main thing will be getting everybody settled in, only one is staying with us the first few days.
We’ve got no set itinerary.  Whenever people come to Prague, they come with things in mind, things they want to see, things they’ve heard about, and so we’ll go with that.  One of the party has never been here before, so we will do the standard tourist tour at least one day.
We may or may not take a day trip at some point, Konopište maybe, we’;ll see.  I’ll keep the daily blog going, and I’m sure there will be interesting tales every day.


In political news, I’m glad to see the White House press corps is not letting this issue of separating small  children from their families at the border just slide by.  One after another, they ask the same question, and some are pointing out, quite clearly, that there is no law that forces the Trump administration to do this, that’s just a lie.

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Our Relationship with Facebook

I have one Facebook friend who, in the time I’ve known her which is probably about a year now, has threatened to leave Facebook on an average of about every goddamned day.  Today’s post was about how she actually left but kept getting hints to post stuff to Facebook when she was at other sites, but apparently she was complying, or still just using Facebook, because there was her post.
I have another who periodically bitches about how often he’s been blocked by Facebook, but it’s never been for such a long period of time that I noticed he was gone.  Could happen.  There are so many people, far more than I ever communicated with regularly in real life, and sometimes somebody will just stop appearing and it takes a long while before you say “Hey, haven’t heard from old whatsisname for awhile.

But, I wonder what he does to get blocked.  His political views are considerably less radical than my own, and I’ve never been blocked.  He often posts poetry, some of which is his own and some of which is by famous poets he admires, and he posts works of art, and he has one artist he really likes that I’d never heard of who he posts constantly.  He doesn’t tend to use bad language.

Who knows.  There will always be people  who are way too petty about enforcing the rules, there will always be people who try to push the envelope, and there will always be a point where they meet, and clash.
But, also, I suspect he may be exaggerating a bit.

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