Inherit the Shit

“He who troubleth his own house shall inherit the shit.”- Poopverbs, 11:29

There are some people who just like stirring up shit.  Either that, or they just make inflammatory statements because they sound very witty  at the time and then when it blows up in their face because they didn’t really consider both sides of what they were saying, they say “Oh, well, hell, you know me, I just like stirring up shit,” as if that excuses them from being a total  moron, and usually, in fact, it does because most people are perfectly ready  to  give them the  face saving option and let everybody walk away from the argument.

Had a guy over at one of my Bernie pages today ranting and raving about what a horrible dictator Assad is and how could liberals excuse him, etc…, in seemingly total  obliviousness to the fact  that the U.S. has been trying to get rid of Assad for well over a year now and, clearly, it hasn’t worked.  Assad has a pretty good hold on power in Syria and most people prefer him to the alternative because the alternative is ISIS, or getting the fuck bombed out of them by Americans, and maybe both.  Nonetheless, with all of the possible topics to talk about, he’s decided that’s the one important one.

Then, at a poetry group I frequent, there  always seems to be somebody jumping up to attack a poem, and not even the worst poems, because there are some stinkers, for sure, when you can post anything, a lot of crap gets posted.  And the criticisms are invariably petty and nonconstructive, basically saying “this is dumb, this is boring.”  Why do they do that?  If there’s a legitimate criticism, sure, but it  seems people do it just  to be mean, and it isn’t just one person, either.

People suck.


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Down The Memory Hole

I wrote about this a  couple of days ago, maybe a week, how Discovery Channel is recycling old programs.  It embarrasses me to  say I  didn’t notice it for a while and I wonder how many times I’ve watched the same program, thinking I’m learning things about space and how the universe works, but I’m just seeing the same information over and over again.
But, it makes me think of something that happened a couple years back, which was never explained to my satisfaction.  Two scientists in Canada discovered signals from 234 different solar systems – suns very like our own.

Experts rushed to say it was not proof of extraterrestrial intelligence (even though it kind of is) and that more research was needed.  And from that day to this, no further research has been done, at least not publicly.  I tried looking for recent articles on it and found nothing more recent than about 7 months ago.    All of the articles said things like “it could have been human error,” which of course it could have, but it could have been  not human error, too, and “lots of stars give off anomalous signals,” which I’m sure is true, but when you get the same anomalous signal 234 times, it’s not anomalous any more.

I would understand (and appreciate it) if they could  come up with some information disproving the Borra-Trottier findings.  But, they’re trying to consign it to the same memory hole as Building 7 and the guys on the grassy knoll.
Which makes me think it’s real.

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Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

There was a special election for a state Senate seat in the state of Wisconsin, and a lady Democrat beat out the Republican in a district which had gone for Trump in 2016.  Does this mean a blue wave is coming?
That is not at all the right question.  We don’t even know who this  woman is, and the story totally fails to answer, or even address the question.  Does she support universal health care?  Legalization of marijuana? Green energy initiatives?  Will she refuse to accept corporate money?  We don’t know.  The  article didn’t say.

Meanwhile, over on The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur is interviewing a woman running for congress, and she seems very nice, and she’s a nurse, which is a good thing, but… there are right wing nurses and there are left wing nurses and there are nurses that are in between.  I certainly don’t have any problem with a nurse running for congress, but that’s not what I want to know.

Journalists (and it’s not just an American phenomenon, other countries are no better) have totally abdicated their prime responsibility, which is to give the public the information it needs to make informed decisions.  So, can you blame people for  voting badly?

They need to go back to the 6 basic questions we all learned in journalism school:  who, what, when, where, why, and how.  Who is she?  (“a nurse” is not enough.  “a Democrat” is not enough.)  What does she stand for?  When did she decide to get involved?  Why is she running?  How will she change things?

I used to think social media would supplant journalism, because there is time enough to ferret out all these answers.  Even with no journalists involved, somebody has to know the answers.  It’s not working out that way, however.  Citizen journalists are almost as poor at journalism as real journalists.  We need to work a whole lot harder at it if we expect politicians to somehow, suddenly  become responsive.

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The Middle Class vs. Everyone Else

The most encouraging thing I saw today was from a representative of the  EU, who said (I’m totally paraphrasing) “You know, this Brexit thing isn’t inevitable.  If Britain wants to just forget about it, we’d be willing to leave things just the way they are.”  I think that is what is going to eventually happen because, as much noise as the Tories make about it, they know they are just spouting racism and bullshit to please their  base, and that actually leaving  the EU would be a disaster for Britain.

Speaking of their base, they really are very similar to America’s Republican party.  The core leadership is from among the ultra-wealthy. ( In Britain, that also  means titled, but whatever.  Money is money.)  And yet the  vast majority of their voters are not wealthy, or terribly well educated, at all.  As in America, they are the people who are worried that foreigners might take their jobs because they are the ones in jobs that foreigners could easily take.  Stacking boxes, cleaning houses, picking fruit, stuff like that.  Jobs for which English isn’t a requirement.
Between those two groups is a wide gulf, populated by people who aren’t among the filthy rich, but are smart enough to know the rich aren’t on  their  side.

So, the Republicans and, and the Tories, get the extreme rich and the  extreme (white) poor, and the Democrats (and the liberals) get the rest.
It’s no wonder they are trying to destroy the middle class.  The middle class votes against them.

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Manning for Senate

Chelsea Manning is running for Senator from Maryland, and I think  that is  absolutely fantastic.  She is somebody who has put  herself on  the line to bring the  truth to the American people, and she is somebody  who has paid a pretty steep price for that.  7 years in prison, and a good chunk of it in solitary confinement..  If anybody in America is anti-government, it is Chelsea Manning.

There is ample precedent for someone going from prison to politics.  Jean Valjean, of course, even though he’s fictional.  Nelson Mandela.  Former Czech president and founding father Vaclav Havel.  Uruguayan president Jose Mujica.  In fact, in South America, it’s not all  that uncommon.

I can’t think of any other examples of transgender people who’ve achieved high office, but the possibility of physically changing  your gender is still a relatively new one in  human history, so first time for everything.

Will she win?  I don’t know.  I imagine progressives will support her massively.  Establishment Democrats might  want to go against her, but they won’t be able to because  it wouldn’t be PC.  Of course, the Republicans will vote for whoever the Republican is, even if they fuck goats.  So, we’ll see.  It’s Maryland.  Always a toss-up.

I’m just glad to see that she’s come through  her ordeal  stronger and  bolder  than  ever before, and  I support  her 100%

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Jeff Sessions v. Hillary Clinton

Someone posted today that they thought all the brouhaha over Trump’s ‘shit hole countries’ comments was a deliberate diversion from the  fact that  an indictment, a big old 11 count  indictment, had been issued in the Uranium One case.  Well, I had to admit, I hadn’t even heard  about the  indictment yet, so I thought  maybe he had a point.  So, I looked it up and sure enough, it’s true.  Although the indictment doesn’t actually name Clinton, it’s a beginning.  And, as much as I hate having to side with Nazi-elf Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who would absolutely love to see a pot smoker like me behind bars, as long as he’s going after Hillary, I’m happy.  It will distract him from his ridiculous fight against the good  herb, and it  will distract her from doing anything more to proactively destroy the Democratic party, so  it’s a win-win.

Now, one of those ‘shit hole countries’ Trump was talking about was Haiti, and the Clintons are involved there, too (see Eberwein, Klaus, murder thereof).  Bill fired back today at charges that Clinton Foundation funds paid for Chelsea’s wedding (which doesn’t really matter – the point is they never made it to Haiti), but it seems Bill is parsing his words again.  Wikileaks was ready  instantly with their rebuttal to his rebuttal, saying they never said ‘funds,’ they said ‘resources.’  So, they are savvy enough  at this money laundering game that actual cash doesn’t need to change hands.  Depends on what the meaning of  is is.

I’m just hoping both sides go  down in flames, and we can get a few progressives elected in  the next couple of rounds.

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Stupidity vs. Intelligence

We are all one species, and every race can interbreed with every other race and, at some point in history, probably has, except for maybe a few remote jungle tribes, and they will soon.  So, racism is stupid.

We all live on one planet, we aren’t even close to being able to move to  another – even if we colonize Mars in the next couple  of decades, which I’m all in favor of, it will  be more like the colony of scientists in Antarctica, than the discovery of the Americas was to Europe.  If we destroy our planet, almost  everyone in the human race will  die.  Probably everyone.  So, not wanting to protect the planet is stupid.  It’s as stupid as driving faster when there’s ice on the road.

Wars kill people, and everybody in the world knows that.  So, supporting war as an instrument of public policy is stupid.

And yet, we have  so many people  who are racist, anti-green, and militaristic.  It’s not just a legitimate difference of opinion. There are differences of  opinion about  exactly what racism is, about the best way to clean up the environment, and how can we  wean the world from war without  leaving anybody at the mercy of the last warlike people, but there  really shouldn’t be any difference  of opinion about the  stupidity of these things.

But, there is.

This is the struggle for the future of the human race.  Stupidity vs. Intelligence.  And it sure as hell looks like  stupidity is winning.


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