How Quickly They Pivot

For months, really from before Iowa, even, it was clear to most Sanders supporters that there was collaboration going on between the DNC and the Sanders campaign.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz denied it, of course.  Now we have solid evidence.  Although  it’s not  always possible to pin down specific actions or even meanings from individual emails (Taco Bowl??) it is clear that large numbers of them have people  referencing the campaign in a decidedly less than neutral manner.
Now, the people who’ve been saying there was no election rigging going on; the people who excused Arizona so glibly by saying it was a Republican  in charge of the elections; the people who didn’t bat an eye when tens of thousands of people were disenfranchised in New York, and the switching of voter registrations began.  There was a lot of that in California, too.  There was a whole lot of shit in California.  There was fraud in a lot of other states, too.
But Clinton supporters just said ‘well, we’re  getting more votes and you’re just sore losers who wear tin-foil hats and are 14 years old.’

Now we have evidence that we were right and they were lying  all along, and Hillary supporters are  saying “Well, so what?  All politicians are corrupt.” or “Well, so what.  It’s our party, Bernie’s a newcomer.”  The point is if you’d felt like that, you could have just dispensed with  these pesky primaries  altogether.  But, you didn’t.  It might have looked bad.  Like those show elections that you have now and again in terribly  undemocratic states, that’s what it would have looked  like.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve been arguing with Hillary  people,smug, condescending, irritating Hillary people and I want to try and think of something positive to write about, like cherry/red currant strudel, or our upcoming trip to Portugal, or how politics doesn’t matter as much as we convince ourselves it does, the oil companies will all go belly up in a few years because there won’t be any more oil, and solar and wind energy keeps getting more and more efficient, efforts to legalize marijuana will continue to happen here and there and since they always appear to be highly successful, public health improves, crimes drop, traffic fatalities drop, money gets raised for good  programs, and so the rate will accelerate, racism will eventually disappear from society  due to the shrinking of the space between us in this world and the cross-breeding that leads to, but it looks like it may take many generations to do it, oops, there I am, backsliding into negativity again.

Let us think about long walks on the beach, the smell of the earth after a rain, a baby looking at everyone on the Metro and  everyone smiling back, all goofy, games of frisbee in the park that last until it’s too dark to see, Thai banana  pancakes, a view of Florence at dawn.

Fuck Hillary Clinton.

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The Blank Page

I am  frustrated with the speed of my keyboard, it seems that the letters don’t come up as I type them if I type to fast but there will be blankness for awhile  and then the  letters  will appear, one by bloody one.  It’s a small price  to  pay, I suppose, for the  privilege of broadcasting my words to the universe at large, but I  find  it frustrating.

Also, it seems to happen  most when  I have something important to say.  Perhaps that’s a sign from the universe, because I have  noticed that  what I  think important to say, almost  no one else ever does, and  perhaps  it’s just  the umbrella paradox, i.e. it  only rains  when  you’re not  carrying one.  It’s not  really true, but  that’s the  time you notice it.

Maybe there’s something in our evolutionary  makeup which  makes us paranoid (There’s a certain logic to that.  In more primitive times a lack of paranoia would get you killed,  pretty sharpish), but wherever one thing is, there its opposite is, too.  While our minds are  seeking out the most negative possible  angle on every situation, we overlook the obvious opportunities in front of us through  thinking about everything that could go wrong.

We talk about  ‘The Tragedy of the Commons,’ but what about ‘The Opportunity of the Commons?’

Every blank page is a potential start of an unwritten novel and the universe is filled with  blank pages.  Every  spare moment is a chance to begin anew.
That’s my 250 words for the night.  Sleep well, friends, and  good luck to those of you in Philadelphia.


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What Sanders people  have always suspected has been confirmed.  The lastest batch of e-mails released by Wikileaks (20,000 of the suckers) clearly shows that the DNC rigged the election  for the Democratic  nomination  from the beginning.  They coerced superdelegates, they used DNC funds for  Hillary’s campaign, they plotted to keep negative stories about  Hillary out  of the media, and plotted how to make Sanders look bad in the media.

This is the DNC, the Democratic National Committee, whose job it is to oversee the process and then support the winning Democrat.  They abandoned neutrality.

Now, I can  hear  my  Hillary apologist friends saying  “But that’s the way elections work,” and “It’s an internal party thing, she didn’t do anything  illegal.” I’m not so sure of that, because  they were seeking donations under false  pretenses, but that’s not my main point.

If this had happened on American Idol, the  judges  would all be fired.  If it  happened on Survivor, or in the Miss Universe pageant, or,God forbid,at the Academy Awards, there would be national outrage.  But, since it’s politics, and everybody just expects Hillary Clinton  to be crooked, it’s getting  almost  no press.

But one demographic  is paying attention. Club Sanders can’t help  but  see this is a slap in the face, a kick in the teeth, a “hahaha,  we  don’t care what you think” moment.

Even if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, even if she wins  in  the  general election, she  will not get as high a percentage of Sanders supporters as she thinks.  And the Democrats won’t get us in future  elections, either.

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A Few Short Thoughts

Condolences to the families and friends of the dead in Munich.  It seems this is at least  a weekly event, now, though.

Just watched a film ‘Shout at the Devil’ with  Lee Marvin and Roger Moore, set in  Africa in WWI.  It was a pretty good  action/adventure  with  a bit  of comedy thrown  in, but that kind of clashed.  You can’t have comedy when a baby’s been killed.
Anyway, I was struck by the casual racism of  it.  I thought “Damn, how old is this film?” thinking really, even for the 60s, yukking it up when Roger Moore smears mud on his face to pass  for black, like the 101 Dalmations rolling in the coal to disguise themselves as Labradors, feels a little  bit tacky.  So, I looked it up: 1976.  I was surprised.

There’s a town in Colorado where  they’ve found THC in the public drinking  water, and authorities are freaking out, telling people to not drink  water  and  not take baths.  Chill,non-stoner people.  If you drink  some water out of the tap, it won’t kill you.  Not  even close.
I  guess it will work out O.K., though.  Some of  the more  inhibited  citizens will, indeed, stick to bottled water and take a day off personal hygiene, while all the hippies are filling their  bathtubs, and kicking back glass  after glass of the straight from the tap  stuff, trying to take advantage of the free  buzz.  As far as water usage  goes, it will even out.


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Spice, meaning hot

On my own today, and I had some stravenky for  lunch ( a wonderful Czech invention,stravenky, restaurant coupons, a lot of companies give them out  to  employees as a perk, Helena gets them), and so I  took a walk in to the center.

I do not know if it is my imagination, but  it  seems to  me the streets  of Prague grow more crowded year on year, and certainly a lot of people were on the streets  of  Karlin today.  Is the population of the Earth increasing so fast that it is perceptible over a short period of time?  It has doubled  in my lifetime, that’s  a fact.  A scary  fact.

I was debating in my head whether to go to KFC or the golden arched behemoth, when I came to a Viet Namese place.  See, on my quest through life, I am always looking  for signs, and quite often they are literal signs.

So, I stepped through  the  door, out of the  stifling, still summer heat into a cool, dark interior.  Actually, it  was kind  of sweaty inside, too, but they had a big  fan  going.

I ordered the Pho, but I was watching  others meals as they arrived and realized I have got to expand  my  reportoire in Viet Namese restaurants.  It all looked good.

Now, one thing about  living in Prague is your tolerance for spicy food slips a bit.  When I was  living in L.A., I loved  the spicy food, mostly Mexican.  I held my own when I was living  in Thailand.  But it’s not a usual thing and you get out of the habit.

Well, today, I got  back in  the habit.  Before I finished my soup my eyes were watering, my sinuses  were clear, and I was sweating more like I was in a sauna than a restaurant.  I felt great.  I’d forgotten how much I like spicy food.

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Slow Day

It was a good day.  Not that I did anything particularly productive.  That’s only half the equation.  Sometimes good things happen to you.  Today, my new book arrived, and it looks great!

So, I took one over  to  Shakespeare and Sons, and stopped at the library to return two of Isabel’s books.  A lovely day of walking across the river and back and then, in the park along the  river next to the Rudolfinum, I was walking  along and looking at all the  people doing different people things, there was a girl in a white summer dress and  wearing a white paper tiara and she looked like an elf and I thought,ah,the future, everybody playing fantasy roles, and  then I saw  a girl sitting on  the  grass wearing shorts and a T shirt and playing  with her dog, and was snapped  back to reality, but a good reality.  I was enjoying life in all its aspects and  congratulating  myself on living in a city which has  such beautiful parks along the river, where  it is cool to walk on a hot  day, and one woman saw me grinning like a fool, or maybe we made eye contact although I wasn’t  particularly trying, and  she smiled  back very sweetly, and that was my day.


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