The Evil Orb

TrumpOMFJHCOAPS, that picture with the orb.  That doesn’t just look evil, it looks comic book evil.  If you want to know what powerful figure from history  Trump can be compared to, it’s not Hitler, it’s not Caligula, it’s Lex  Luthor.
Of course, it’s just a really bad photo, like Dukakis in a tank, or Michele Bachmann deep  throating the corn dog, and doesn’t actually prove that he’s in league with Voldemort, but damned if it doesn’t look like it.  As far as demonstrating bad intent, it’s not  in the same league with his mocking a disabled reporter, or encouraging fans at his rallies to punch people, or selling the Saudis billions of dollars in weapons (which will enrich Boeing and Lockheed-Martin) in return for a donation of 100 million dollars to his daughters ‘charitable foundation.’
As far as dumb moves, it’s not even the dumbest thing he’s done in the last 48 hours.  My  favorite thing was during a speech, in Israel, when he said “We just got back from the Middle East.”  (Israel is in the Middle East.  Israel is right smack dab in the  heart of  the Middle East.  It  is to the Middle East what Iowa is to the Midwest, what Alabama is  to  the Deep South)
Then, a sinkhole opened up right in front of Mar -a – Lago.  Now, you  probably can’t pin that one on Trump, unless, of course, you  can.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they pulled some dumb shit during construction, but that’s just speculation and looking for stuff.  It’s Florida.  They have sinkholes.

Anyway, it strikes me that maybe the orb thing and the sinkhole thing could be connected so I wrote a little poem about it, with  which I am quite pleased, and here it is:

When evil hands caress the orb
the evil energy’s absorbed
and drawn into the depths of hell
where it starts to grow and swell
a tumor formed of bad intent
must find release, must seek a vent
to find its way back to the land
it links back to the evil hand
it seeks the villain’s jewelled lair
all who live nearby, BEWARE!
when out of Hell the demons burst
It’s Mar-a-Lago that is cursed


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The Example of Kimberly Ellis

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind lately, like for the last 8 months or so, between Demexit and Dementer, i.e. do I stay or do I go, can we make more of a difference politically by staying in the Democratic Party and trying to change it, despite the DNC having made it very clear that they don’t want to change, that they would prefer to continue losing elections rather than get behind universal health care, a $15 an hour minimum wage, free college, and transitioning to a greener economy (which would provide all the jobs you could ever ask for) or leaving it to start a 3rd party, which hasn’t successfully been done in American politics since 1861.
I’d been leaning toward the 3rd party scenario, actually, long shot though it seems to be, but today’s events in California have forced me to take another look.

The vote was for the chairmanship of the state Democratic party.  Normally, this is one of those elections average folk don’t turn up for.  Actually, today’s vote was like that, too. It was the 3,000 delegates to the state convention who voted.  The choice was between Eric Bauman, a scumbag tool of big pharma who has fought to keep prescription drug prices high, and Berniecrat Kimberly Ellis.

It was close, almost like Iowa primary close. The press has  covered it as  a  win for Bauman, another fuck you to the people, but there are two things that give me hope.  First, it wasn’t even expected to be close.  This is the kind of election the party bigwigs have, and expect to go their way.  After all, it’s only one state out of 50, and not nearly as important an election as the primary fight coming up between Berniecrat Stephen Jaffe and botoxed old loser Nancy  Pelosi.  But Berniecrats have been busy, and they are fighting on every front.

Second, and this is the big one, Kimberly Ellis is not conceding without a fight.  There are a couple of reasons to think it might have been  fraud, outside of the bare fact that we’re dealing with the old guard of the DNC, and fraud is practically written into  their DNA.  First, the fact that  about halfway  through  the tally, Ellis was leading, about 60-40.  Secondly, that no ID’s were checked and the vote was  kind of sloppy.

But the important thing to me is just that she is not conceding.  She is doing what maybe Bernie should have done after New York, maybe after Arizona.  Hell, probably after Iowa.  Lawyering up.  Causing a stink.  Not playing nice.

We are in for a long, hard fight but I can’t see leaving the field when we’ve got leaders like Kimberly Ellis who are willing to dig in and fight for us.  It would be terribly wrong to quit now.

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The Impeachment List

There are so many  people posting these lists of ‘who becomes president if we impeach Trump’ that I suspect a  concerted effort, and since the beneficiary of any concerted  movement to NOT impeach Trump (whether it’s from just giving up or strategically deciding that it’s better to ride out a Trump presidency than  deal with president Pence) is Donald Trump, I suspect that’s where the effort is coming from.

Of course, Tulsi Gabbard, who I admire greatly and would vote for in a heartbeat, is one  of those warning  of a Pence presidency, and that’s the first issue I  disagree with  her on.  Ditto Dennis Kucinich.  That’s one of  the glorious things about being a liberal (or what used to be called a liberal anyway.  I guess now we are progressives, and ‘liberal’ had come to mean ‘not really liberal.’  Language evvelves.)  We don’t need to agree on  everything, we aren’t marching in lockstep, we are, on average, smarter than conservatives and therefore more likely to have original, unique opinions.  Besides, to impeach or not is a disagreement over strategy and tactics, and not principles or positions.

There are 3 reasons I think impeaching Trump is a good idea.

  1. It’s the right thing to do.  When a president breaks the law, he should be impeached, simple  as that.  And Trump  has  not only broken laws, he’s shown  that he is completely oblivious to them.  Not only were the trips to Mar a Lago a blatant conflict of interest, and  a blatant abuse of his office for personal profit, but national security business was conducted in public.  Somewhere in there, I’m sure laws were broken.
  2. Precedent.  If we don’t impeach Trump then, good grief, how bad does a president have to be before we do impeach?  Even in the short term, setting the precedent is good.   President Pence (or President Ryan if we can make it a double  impeachment, or president Hatch, if we can pull off a triple, will feel the threat  hanging over their head very acutely, and spend the rest of the term being very careful, which is something that should be encouraged.
  3. The investigation.  We would not have known about presidential  cigar sex if they had not brought impeachment against Bill Clinton.  Maybe that’s a bad example, because it was a bad impeachment, but who knows what we’ll find if  we really, intensely investigate Trump.  His taxes, for one thing.

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Sweden has dropped the rape investigation against Julian Assange, which is great, and it comes one day after Chelsea Manning’s release from prison.  That could be a good sign, perhaps the tide is turning, but I see no  corroborating evidence for that and suspect is’ probably just coincidence.

Because, in fact, Julian Assange is not out of the woods  yet.  British authorities still say they’ll arrest him, for missing a court date back in 2012.  That is bad law.  I think it might even violate the Magna Charta, which says (and I paraphrase) ‘You can’t just arrest somebody because you fucking feel like it, you  have to have an actual reason.’

The original reason is gone, perhaps because it was a weak case.  Here’s the facts as I  understood them at the time: After a nice, normal date Assange and the lady in question had hot, sweaty consensual sex.  After she’d fallen asleep, he was still raring to go, so he went ahead and did.  She woke up in the middle, but allowed him to finish.  She was a bit miffed, especially that he hadn’t used a condom, but she was still going to continue to date him, which is kind of the opposite of  filing charges against him, until she found out he was shtooping her best friend, too.

So, he hasn’t (as of now) been charged with anything by anybody but the Brits will arrest him on  sight if he leaves the Ecuadoran embassy, and there’s no doubt in my mind that that embassy is being watched every second of the day.  That’s just being mean.  How would it  hurt Britain, anyway, if Assange were to come out of that embassy, uncufffed and  of his own volition, and have a quick look around London?

It would not, unless he’s  got some dirt on the British, but British police just want to keep him confined.  We tend to think of British cops as affable, perhaps somewhat overweight, people, who serve their community and know everybody in the village by first name.  But, do not forgot, this is the same lot who had the scientist, David Kelly, murdered.

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News Day

A day of news, some good, some bad, like every  other  day, in that way, I suppose.

The Czechs lost to the Russians in the first game of the final eight, so no world hockey championship for us this year.   I’m not too upset.  That’s still better than nearly 200 other countries in the world.

A bad driver plowed into a crowd on Times Square, killing one and injuring a whole bunch.  Everybody’s glad there weren’t more deaths, and nobody’s calling it terrorism and everybody’s real relieved about that, but sucks for the dead guy, I’m sure.

A musician, Chris Cornell, with whose work  I was unfamiliar but apparently he meant a lot to a lot of people, committed suicide at the age of 52.  I don’t know what made him do that.  Damned shame, though.  I guess tremendous talent, success, fame and, presumably, money are not enough.  It’s an eternal truth but it still surprises me.

On the brighter side, Fox News founder and all  around evil fuck Roger Ailes is dead, at the age of 77, so that’s good.

But, most of the talk today  is about impeachment, and that is music to my ears.  First, because I’d like to get rid of Trump.  Secondly, because I  think it’s important that the tool of impeachment gets invoked.  It was written into the constitution and it is a great idea.   Those founding fathers were pretty smart guys, providing a solution for all future problems.  “O.K., people of , say, for instance, 2017, so you’ve  got a president who’s a moron and a raving head case, nuttier than King George.  Here’s how you get rid of him.”  Amazing foresight, but it’s a rusty tool which we’ve never been able to get to work, until now.  I’m hoping that now is the time.
One great thing about an impeachment is the investigation, which is the phase we’re in now.  Expect revelation after revelation, and witnesses plea bargaining like crazy.  I’m hoping they bring his taxes into it, and that he winds up doing jail time, and losing all his money, because that would give me a nice, warm feeling of schadenfreude, even more than Roger Ailes dying.
Sleep well, everybody.  Tomorrow’s a brand  new  day.

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Fuck Pence: Impeach

There’s plenty of talk of impeachment, there’s little talk of anything else, and I’m glad to hear it.  I’m very much in favor of impeaching Donald Trump, although I wish it had been done two or three  months ago and for different reasons.

The weekends at Mar a Lago were crime enough, as that’s a clear conflict of  interest right there, and using the office for personal profit.  Perhaps they  should impeach him on mental health reasons, because it’s clear he’s not right in the head.  They should have impeached him for making ridiculous appointments, like Betsy Devos, but instead they went ahead and confirmed her, because they are a bunch of weak-assed losers.   If they subpoena his tax  returns, they can probably nail him on tax evasion as well.

But, they’re going with the Russian angle, and that’s O.K.  It was an ill-considered White House meeting.  He would  have been able to get away with it, because nobody has any proof he gave Lavrov top secret information, except he admitted it on Twitter, because he’s dumber than shit that way.  There’s another reason to impeach: he’s dumber than shit.

I would like to point out, though, that this had nothing to do with the election.  This may have to do with his business connections to Russia (see what Eric Trump has to say about them, boy, those crazy Russians are golfing maniacs, ain’t they?
It’s just because he’s had some shady relations with the land of Dostoyevska and vodka, which so has Hillary Clinton by the way.

I’d also like to respond to those who say “But you can’t impeach Trump, then we’ll get Pence.”  I suspect they are mostly Hillary supporters, if not out right trolls.  I could be wrong on that, it’s just how it looks to me, and if anybody has direct knowledge of the contrary, that’s what the comments section is for.

It’s the difference between Hillary supporters and Sanders supporters.  They voted out of fear, they voted for the lesser  of two evils, and that’s what they’re  saying now.  Sanders supporters have rejected that ‘lesser of two evils’ argument.

The way I see  it, if a president  deserves to be impeached  and doesn’t get  impeached, then impeachment gets that much harder, and the depths of his perfidy may never realized,  and there is an inflation of evil, which seems to exist in the universe in infinite supply.

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Distraction and Confusion

Two stories today, and all sorts of people are saying one is just a distraction from the other, but which is a distraction from which is more a sign of which side you’re on.  Two things to remember:  A. All the facts aren’t in yet, and B. It’s entirely possible that both stories are true.  Just because Trump gave secrets to the Russians doesn’t mean Seth Rich wasn’t murdered by the DNC.

Both stories are bizarre.  President Trump met with a bunch of Russians, including the Russian  ambassador, at the White House.  The press was not invited.  The American press, that is.   The Russian press was there.  Right there, it’s weird and possibly treasonous.  Then, they say that Trump gave secrets to the Russians during this secret meeting, and I wonder how anyone could possibly know that, but then Trump tweets about it and says “Of course I’m allowed to share secrets with the Russians.”  So, it’s real.

Then, and this is the hard part for me to grasp, the Russians make no secret of any of  it, Russian media is all  over it, and I wonder why they would do that.  This is not thinking long term, this is not chess, and Russians are good at chess.

If I was Putin, I’d have  wanted the whole meeting handled as hush-hush as possible, to keep that spigot of high value information open.  So, why didn’t they?

My guess is that they are perfectly  aware that they are dealing with an imbecile, somebody who’s got the emotional development of a 6 year old and the IQ of a peanut.  They are having a good laugh about it, and feel that the laugh is worth more than any crap info they are likely to get from us in future.

On the Seth Rich story, a private investigator says he’s got proof that Rich (a DNC insider) had contacted Wikileaks and given them over 40,000 emails before he was murdered.  Boom.  The DNC had motive, and this  story  about  how it was just your  ordinary, everyday mugging in which they shot  him dead and didn’t take anything, doesn’t sound so plausible any more.  I am one who  has always believed Seth Rich (and John Ashe) were murdered, so this is preaching to the choir for me, but it’s early days yet and we don’t know what’s happening for sure yet.

On the good news front, Chelsea Manning is getting out of jail tomorrow.

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