Make it Big, Make it Wide

O.K., here’s the situation, at least there’s going to be an investigation.

But, there are investigations and there are investigations.  There are investigations that get to the point and find what they are intended to find.  I think most disaster investigations fall into this category.  Most.  I remember that time an Egypt Air jet went into the ocean and it was clearly pilot suicide but the report didn’t say that because they didn’t want to offend Muslims because apparently suicide is a bad thing, but that’s nonsense, because it’s a bad thing in all religions but it still happens.  I think some police investigations might fall  into this category, but nowhere near the percentage that television implies.

Then, there are investigations which try their damnedest to either find nothing, or to find some easily believable conclusion, no  matter how true.  I think the Warren Commission and the 9/11 investigation fall into  this category.

Then, there are the investigations which wander all over the place, digging up dirt like a drunken farmer taking the old tractor out for a joyride.  Those are fun.  You find out all  sorts of interesting stuff about the uses of cigars, porn film titles, and secret code names.

As far as any investigations in Trump, I favor type 3.  Make it as wide ranging as possible.  Don’t limit it to Trump.  Find out everybody who’s had contacts with Russians, and why.  If Trump doesn’t have a tape of him being peed on by Russian hookers, maybe some other Republican does.  Maybe there are some Democrats  in the mix.   That would be cool.  Let’s make this a bi-partisan witch hunt.

And there’s no reason it should be exclusively about Russia.  Find out about those deals he made in Saudi, look into Ivanka’s little agreements with the Chinese, do a full  accounting of how much U.S. taxpayer money was spent on those weekends at Mar -a – Lago, subpoena his damned tax  returns.

And if it spills over into Democratic corruption as well, that would be icing on the cake.  Let the whole damned House of Cards come tumbling down.


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Losing is Not Winning

Cenk Uygur is officially  back  in my  good books. Just watched him delivering a powerful  rant on how the Democrats are treating Bernie like someone they’re afraid to touch, and how they should be kissing his butt.
Here’s the thing, though.  Like Lee Camp, and Jimmy Dore, I watch them because I agree with them – not so much  because they  are funny.   Roll all  three of them up into one, they wouldn’t be half as funny as John Stewart, when he’s being serious.
I guess the funny liberal comic award has to go to Trey Crowder.  If you’re unfamiliar, check him out.

In other currently being discussed topics, Hillary Clinton is totally  delusional.  When a reporter from New York magazine, lobbing her a softball, said “It seems it was a year of voters’ rage, and Trump and  Sanders tapped into that  rage,” she said “Yeah, and I beat both of them.”

Except, of course, she didn’t, which is why she is not, in fact, president.
Oh, I know what she’s doing.  She’s making a little joke, she’s putting the best face on a bad situation, and I suppose you do what you’ve got to do.

Still, it seems a bit over the top.  I’m sure people in Cleveland are still upset that they didn’t win  the World Series last year, but they don’t go around saying “We really got 3 million more home runs than they did, ” now, do they?  No, they do  not.


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You can’t survive without balance.  We can live on planet Earth because there is  the right balance between Oxygen and whatever else there  is in  air, it’s exactly what we breathe.  The plants that are good for us to  eat grow out of the Earth’s soil, and the Earth’s water is  the perfect  thing for  humans to drink.

But these things can change.  A long, long time ago, like about 4 or 5 billion years  ago, which is so far back  the  dinosaurs wouldn’t show up  for another couple of billion years, in fact it was only a couple of billion years after the birth of the planet, single-celled creatures took over the world.  They didn’t have  any predators, since  nothing else had evolved yet.  They emitted oxygen, because it was toxic to them.  Now, I don’t know  exactly how they ’emitted’ it, but a fart is an emission, so I’m saying that.
Soon, or at any rate soon as long as we’re taking in terms of billions of years, which is truly a lot of years, they had emitted enough oxygen that that became the main element of the air, and these little creatures all  died, paving  the way for us.

Now, we’ve invented  automobiles and power plants and factories to pump carbon fumes into  the air,  and the whole  thing could happen again.  You’d think we’d be smarter than single-celled organisms, but apparently not.


Very curious to see what’s going to happen in the Montana house race, but I don’t think Gianforte’s punching   a reporter is going to make much of a difference.  50% of the votes had already been cast, and I’m sure a lot of people who will actually waited  till today, voting day, to vote have mostly made up their minds.

But here’s an optimistic thought as I go  to  bed.  Maybe the reason he snapped and flailed out is  because he knew he was losing;.  Let it be so.

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The Ever Increasing Flexibility of History

You’d think that history would be a  fixed thing, but it’s not.  First off, history only goes back about 4 or 5,000 years ago, to the  invention of writing, because if it’s not recorded  it’s called something else.  Legend, maybe.  Guesswork, more like it.  Then there’s archaeology, which is history that is actually, literally  written  in stone, but the two problems with that is we have  to find the right stones, and then we have to interpret them correctly, and since there’s very often more than one interpretation possible, we’re back to  square one.  The  past is over, and a lot of it has gone unrecorded.

So, two news articles I read  today really change  the  way we view early human history, and by early I  mean early, back  before we even looked like we do today, back when our ancestors were still hairy, and had  the slopey  foreheads, and looked a lot like gorillas.  Back when we diverged.

It’s interesting to me partially because I’ve got a Facebook friend with a deep affinity for the islands of Melanesia, like Papua New Guinea and the Solomon  Islands, and he swears up and down  that the people who people that region are living proof that the out of Africa theory is wrong, and  that  Homo Sapiens evolved in lots of different places, which has always, up to this week, struck me as a little bit nuts, because how?  We evolve through mutation, and thinking that humanity evolved simultaneously (not literally simultaneously -there might have been gaps of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years, but for anybody alive today that might as well be simultaneous) is similar to thinking that lightning will strike the same place twice, or that somebody won two huge lotto jackpots, without any cheating.

Than there was one (which I believe was posted by aforesaid Facebook friend, because he posts stuff like that) that suggested that people in Papua New Guinea actually  have a different DNA lineage than everybody else in the human race, and they may be related  to our long lost cousins, the Denisovans or the Neanderthals.

Now, to my hypothesis.  A few hominid species rose up during the  course of evolution, and spread  across the Earth, and some of them, like maybe us and Neanderthals, or us and Denisovans, or Denisovans and Neanderthals, were capable of interbreeding, just like we see Ligers born when Tigers and Lions get together, which almost never happens because they don’t live in the same places, unless those places are zoos, and Zorses or Zonkeys when Zebras mate with horses or donkeys, or Grolar Bears, which is what happens when a horny male Polar Bear wants a bit of the strange, and takes a Grizzly  mate.

So maybe people are not quite as pure, not quite as exclusively human as we thought.  Maybe we got all the genes mixed up a long time ago, and some vestiges of that still  live on on  little  islands, and in isolated  jungle villages, or in hidden valleys, here and there around the world.

Doesn’t really matter.  We’re all people and have to live together.  Interesting to  think about, though.


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What’s Up With Melania?

Pictures don’t lie, they say, and of course  that’s not  true.  They can be taken out of context, they can be  altered, and it’s always, ultimately, as easy to misread body language in a  picture or a video as it is  in real  life, and it’s frequently done in real life.

Nevertheless, I think I’m on  fairly safe ground when I  say that something’s up  with  Melania Trump.  There’s this incident:

That was in Rome, and if you focus on that one frame, that one split second, where Donald reaches to take her hand, a natural, husbandly  gesture while getting off the plane  and walking down the stairs.  (What’s with that, anyway?  Ordinary people have been walking from plane directly to airport on jetways since the 1960s) and she pulled her hand away.  She played it  off like she was brushing her hair back, but look at that second.  As soon as his hand brushed hers, or as soon as it was  in close enough proximity to trip her sensors, her hand pulled  back as if she’d just touched  an electric fence.  Recoiled is far too  tame a word.
Same thing  happened  a couple of days ago, at a different international airport.  There, there was actually a swat, as if of a mildly irritating bug.

Both of them indicated less than a loving marriage, but in a very different way than the video that went sort of viral after the inauguration, when Donald turned to her, said something, and the smile dropped  from her face  and her head  went down.   That was submission, that was fear, and that was resentment.

These two incidents were more like “Don’t touch me, you fat pig, and don’t you even think about  sleeping with me.”  I could be wrong, I  do not completely understand the motives of the rich and famous, but it seems to me something has  changed, and Melania now has the upper hand.

Maybe she senses her husband’s imminent demise, and is starting to think about how much she’ll get as ex-wife # 3. Maybe she’s just decided she’s taken enough of  his crap, and isn’t putting up with it anymore.  Maybe she found out that the pee tape is real and is totally  grossed out that he’s into that kind of thing.  Maybe(oh, I hope this is true, even though I  just made it up) she’s co-operating with the investigation.  Hoo boy, wouldn’t that be a kick in the crotch for  old  Cheeto Head.

I don’t know.  Watch the tapes, and see what you think.

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The Evil Orb

TrumpOMFJHCOAPS, that picture with the orb.  That doesn’t just look evil, it looks comic book evil.  If you want to know what powerful figure from history  Trump can be compared to, it’s not Hitler, it’s not Caligula, it’s Lex  Luthor.
Of course, it’s just a really bad photo, like Dukakis in a tank, or Michele Bachmann deep  throating the corn dog, and doesn’t actually prove that he’s in league with Voldemort, but damned if it doesn’t look like it.  As far as demonstrating bad intent, it’s not  in the same league with his mocking a disabled reporter, or encouraging fans at his rallies to punch people, or selling the Saudis billions of dollars in weapons (which will enrich Boeing and Lockheed-Martin) in return for a donation of 100 million dollars to his daughters ‘charitable foundation.’
As far as dumb moves, it’s not even the dumbest thing he’s done in the last 48 hours.  My  favorite thing was during a speech, in Israel, when he said “We just got back from the Middle East.”  (Israel is in the Middle East.  Israel is right smack dab in the  heart of  the Middle East.  It  is to the Middle East what Iowa is to the Midwest, what Alabama is  to  the Deep South)
Then, a sinkhole opened up right in front of Mar -a – Lago.  Now, you  probably can’t pin that one on Trump, unless, of course, you  can.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they pulled some dumb shit during construction, but that’s just speculation and looking for stuff.  It’s Florida.  They have sinkholes.

Anyway, it strikes me that maybe the orb thing and the sinkhole thing could be connected so I wrote a little poem about it, with  which I am quite pleased, and here it is:

When evil hands caress the orb
the evil energy’s absorbed
and drawn into the depths of hell
where it starts to grow and swell
a tumor formed of bad intent
must find release, must seek a vent
to find its way back to the land
it links back to the evil hand
it seeks the villain’s jewelled lair
all who live nearby, BEWARE!
when out of Hell the demons burst
It’s Mar-a-Lago that is cursed


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The Example of Kimberly Ellis

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind lately, like for the last 8 months or so, between Demexit and Dementer, i.e. do I stay or do I go, can we make more of a difference politically by staying in the Democratic Party and trying to change it, despite the DNC having made it very clear that they don’t want to change, that they would prefer to continue losing elections rather than get behind universal health care, a $15 an hour minimum wage, free college, and transitioning to a greener economy (which would provide all the jobs you could ever ask for) or leaving it to start a 3rd party, which hasn’t successfully been done in American politics since 1861.
I’d been leaning toward the 3rd party scenario, actually, long shot though it seems to be, but today’s events in California have forced me to take another look.

The vote was for the chairmanship of the state Democratic party.  Normally, this is one of those elections average folk don’t turn up for.  Actually, today’s vote was like that, too. It was the 3,000 delegates to the state convention who voted.  The choice was between Eric Bauman, a scumbag tool of big pharma who has fought to keep prescription drug prices high, and Berniecrat Kimberly Ellis.

It was close, almost like Iowa primary close. The press has  covered it as  a  win for Bauman, another fuck you to the people, but there are two things that give me hope.  First, it wasn’t even expected to be close.  This is the kind of election the party bigwigs have, and expect to go their way.  After all, it’s only one state out of 50, and not nearly as important an election as the primary fight coming up between Berniecrat Stephen Jaffe and botoxed old loser Nancy  Pelosi.  But Berniecrats have been busy, and they are fighting on every front.

Second, and this is the big one, Kimberly Ellis is not conceding without a fight.  There are a couple of reasons to think it might have been  fraud, outside of the bare fact that we’re dealing with the old guard of the DNC, and fraud is practically written into  their DNA.  First, the fact that  about halfway  through  the tally, Ellis was leading, about 60-40.  Secondly, that no ID’s were checked and the vote was  kind of sloppy.

But the important thing to me is just that she is not conceding.  She is doing what maybe Bernie should have done after New York, maybe after Arizona.  Hell, probably after Iowa.  Lawyering up.  Causing a stink.  Not playing nice.

We are in for a long, hard fight but I can’t see leaving the field when we’ve got leaders like Kimberly Ellis who are willing to dig in and fight for us.  It would be terribly wrong to quit now.

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