‘ello? ‘ello?

‘ello is the new website with the cute logo that’s hyping itself as the new facebook but early reviews seem to indicate that maybe it’s the new  google+, in which case there’s no real reason to abandon facebook, because google+ didn’t turn out to be the next facebook, either.ello

I’ve got no dog in this fight, though, so I wish them luck.  Being a late adapter, I figure if it is what it’s hyped to be, it will be there for me to join a year from now.  But, I’m skeptical.

They say they are like facebook except for a couple of key things: they won’t sell ads, and they won’t sell your information to ad companies, which is nice, except for a.) it makes you wonder how they think they’re going to make money and b.) is that  really enough incentive to jump ship?

Personally, those aren’t the two things that bother me about facebook the most.  If some site could figure out a way to filter out the stupid people, the boring people, the oversensitive people, and the  feline obsessed, I’d spend some time visiting  that site.

If there  were a site where you could go to discuss the important issues of the day, with intelligence, logic and wit, I’d spend some time on that site.

If there was a site where I could  show my poetry and people would actually read it, I’d spend some time at that site.

Some of these sites may actually already exist but, as I said above, I am a late adapter.

So, for now, I’m still with facebook.


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