Women and Poetry

When people send me those texts that  say “Nobody ever pays any attention to what I post so here is a test, respond with  one  word about how we met, or whatever” I do not respond.  It’s not much  of a fun game even if you do know the people, and usually you don’t.  So, in most cases I am hoping they carry through on their sometimes implied, sometimes overtly stated intent to defriend non-compliants.  I don’t think they usually do.  If they did, my  number of friends  would be dropping daily, and it’s not.

Just  came back  from  Chess Club.  A week from  tomorrow I’ve got my poetry reading.  Why do I get involved  in  activities where most of the participants are old men?  Actually, there are a couple of questions there, that I’ve never been able to figure  out the answers to.  Why don’t women like chess?  (Yeah, yeah,  Polgar sisters, bla bla bla, I know.  They were an anomaly.), and why don’t more women write poetry?

In the case of poetry, my perception  may be skewed by my participation in the readings – assuming that women who write poetry want  to read  it in  public.  Maybe they’re  all just sitting at home writing poems like crazy but, whether out of shyness or misanthropy, they feel no urge to read  in  public.

Maybe their poems are great and I need to read more.  Maybe it’s a vicious circle reaching critical mass type situation.  A slight predominance of male poets intimidates some women out of performing, which means thee are more male performers, which becomes even more intimidating, and so on.

Maybe it will change some day.  But we still have a long way to go.


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