It Seems so Unfair

35,000 walruses are gathered together on a beach on Alaska’s north coast, hanging closer together than Hippies at a rock concert.  This is a weird thing. Walruses, this time of year, are usually  out hanging out on the Arctic ice, and it’s more or less a solo pastime.

But, this year, in a stark reminder that global warming is happening in horrifyingly real time, there is no ice.  The poor seals have never seen anything like this before.  I see the photo of them sitting there on the beach, and imagine a big thought bubble above the collective, with one simple question: WTF?

This Sucks

This Sucks

They have no idea that the problem is caused by human industry; by our factories, our cars, our airplanes, our inefficient homes.  They may just see it as a natural phenomenon.  They might think it’s just a couple of bad winters, and optimistically believe that it’s going to be better again.  Maybe it’s best they don’t know.  They would be pretty ticked off.

Ditto for the honey bees.  As small as they are, as focused on things inside the hive as they are, and as single minded in pursuit of pollen as they are, bees probably don’t even realize that humans exist.

They also may not realize how important they  are to the world, or that there is a ‘world’ and their relatives are living in almost every place across it.

They certainly don’t realize they are going to die out.  And they don’t  realize that  they’re taking us down with them.  They just know that they flew through a stretch of air that smelled really horrible and they’re all going to die.  They must wonder what’s going on.

It isn’t fair.


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