Hidden Mountains Weren’t Hiding

Today  I saw the headline ‘Thousands of Hidden Mountains Discovered  Under the Sea.’  Were they really hidden?  Well, I suppose hidden from human eyes, by the vast depths of the ocean, but it’s not as if they were hiding.  They have always been there and are making no more effort to hide their existence than any other inanimate object.

The universe is generally indifferent to human interests.

It does not surprise me that the ocean bottom is covered by mountains, some of which are volcanoes.  Nobody expected it to be completely flat.  In fact, out of sight, out of mind, so I’d never really thought much about it at all.  But, it’s good to know.  Science is being advanced, and I’m sure this knowledge will come in handy somehow.

One thing is, I think, that by the time we get the ocean’s bottom completely mapped, we will have a complete record of the contents of Davy Jones’ locker, we’ll have a list of shipwrecks and just be able to go down and examine them at will.  We will find lost cities, ancient treasure,  and the answers to many a mysterious shipwreck.

Maybe, because of all the plate tectonics going on, which is causing mountain  ridges to rise, we will also figure out how to predict earthquakes,  which would be awesome.  If you know when it’s coming, you know that you shouldn’t be in  any building that are likely to collapse or driving across any bridges at that time.  Property damage will still happen, but we could get deaths from earthquakes reduced to zero if we we could predict them.


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