The Bubble Runner

James Franco said he shaved his head

for his role in a brand new movie

I suspect it’s more about poetry

and he’s trying to look real groovy


Michael Phelps got a DUI, so he got suspended from competitive swimming for 6 months and will miss the next world championships.  Is it my imagination, or is swimming a bit stricter than the NFL about these things?


Top story of the night:  Reza Baluchi may be barking mad, but you’ve got to respect the man.  He’s got guts, and he’s an original.  Every time it appears on my facebook feed, I see a lot of comments like ‘fuck him, I hope he has to pay for the rescue’ or ‘why not just let him drown and win a Darwin award.’

Baluchi in the Bubble

Baluchi in the Bubble

Negative vibes, people.  Not cool.

First, Reza Baluchi is a man of tremendous political courage.  He got arrested and eventually kicked out of Iran (which is actually working out real well for him, I suspect) for having anti-Islamic views.  He ate during Ramadan.  That’s not something you could do as an oversight.  Restaurants aren’t open.  Nobody else is eating.  So, it was deliberate, and ballsy.

Then, as an American immigrant, he runs around the perimeter of the  country,  which means he probably did more miles than Forrest Gump.  He does this kind of stuff to raise money for charities and world peace and shit like that.  So, stop hating on Reza Baluchi.

O.K., so his goal of walking from Florida to Bermuda in one of those fun bubbles like you see at the beach, a distance of over 1,000 miles, turned out to be a bit unrealistic.  But, I think I see the problem.  Walking and pushing the wheel around is a lot of effort.  Put in a seat, some bicycle pedals and a chain running around the bubble, maybe even a little motor, and it would be a whole different ball game.  Some day, this will be the preferred method of crossing oceans, and Reza Baluchi will be remembered as a pioneer.


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