Hell’s a Poppins

Supercalinihilisticthiscouldbeatrocious….or it could be bloody  brilliant.  There is a rumor going round that Tim Burton is going to do a Tim Burton  version of Mary Poppins.  Some papers are reporting it as fact.   Some are implying that it’s a hoax.  I do not know.  But I hope it’s true.poppins

Lots of people, even those who think it might be true, think it’s a horrible idea.  Mary Poppins, if you are around the same age as me, was one of the most formative films of your childhood.  I remember the impact it had as well as I remember the film itself.  Everybody in school was talking about it.  I was desperate to see it.  My mom took me and my two younger brothers to see it, and we did not go to the movies all the time, like some of the kids.  Four tickets was a financial sacrifice, but she understood how important it was.

Everybody could say  ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ and did, repeatedly, ad nauseum.  There were other songs, but that’s the one everybody remembers.

People seem to think it’s  a bad idea because it was such a wholesome, sweetness and light movie and they’re a bit offended that someone should do a dark version.  Rubbish.  This might actually be closer to the book, to the original vision, than the Disney version, and it doesn’t matter anyway.  Film directors are entitled to interpret books in different ways – that’s art.

Also, let us not forget, there is generally an element of humor in Tim Burton films.


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  1. dw

    I would love to see that.

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