Pistorius’ Piss Weak Punishment

I am against capital punishment.  Government’s cannot give life, governments should not be allowed to take life.  I believe that punishment, in fact, is not the job of the criminal justice system.  Neither is rehabilitation.  If a person is over 18, they should worry about rehabilitating their own damned selves.

And then he killed her

And then he killed her

I believe that the primary goal of the criminal justice system (in any country) should be keeping the dangerous people off the streets, so the rest of us can enjoy a peaceful, crime free society.  You don’t need to kill anybody to do that.  Just keep them locked up.

So, as strongly as I am opposed to capital punishment, I am opposed to courts letting murderers walk free, and that is what just happened in the Oscar Pistorius case.  The low life murdering son of a bitch got sentenced to 5 years, and will likely only serve two.  He could be out before he is 30.  He may even compete again.

Meanwhile, Reeva Steenkamp, a promising young model who had a great life to  look forward to, is dead.  She will not become undead when Pistorius walks out of prison.  He will go back to a life of wealth and fame and luxury.  Her sentence will keep running.

There are people serving longer sentences than this for smoking pot.

It’s not right.  Murderers should stay in jail for life.  So the rest of us can forget about them and never mention them again.


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