The Great Palin Punchout Party

I must confess that if I liked Sarah Palin’s politics, I would not be terribly bothered that her family got involved in an absurdly comical drunken brawl last month in Anchorage.  It’s not as if no liberals ever drink, or show up at wild parties.

Sometimes They Fight

Sometimes They Fight

I would be able to get past the older son saying, of a friend of his, “He’s basically a gay guy, but he’s not,” because he doesn’t like to fight.  Or challenging everybody  else to fight and saying they’re all a bunch of fucking pussies.  People talk like that.  I’ve known lots of people who talk like that.  It  doesn’t necessarily mean they’re homophobic or sexist.  Well, maybe a bit, but I’d let it slide.  We all know that you sometimes say stupid things when you’re drunk.

I would be amused, but not shocked, at the older daughter saying  “He dragged me across the lawn by my legs, and I’m wearing a thong dress, and  called me a fucking cunt and a fucking  slut.”  Sounds like just another Kennedy family picnic.

“And I’ve got a 5 year old in the car!”  Well, that stopped me for a moment, but hey, a 5 year old is perfectly capable of taking a nap in their car seat while their mother and aunt and uncle and grandparents go inside and get (even more) shitfaced.

One really strange moment on the tape, to me, was when Bristol said “Nobody’s going to push my fourt–twenty year old sister.”  That’s a difference of six years.  Maybe just a drunken misstatement, maybe early onset alcoholiczheimers, but if I liked her mother’s political opinions, I’d say “Tut, tut, Sarah, maybe you should help your  daughter find a good rehab center.”

But I don’t, so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show.  And hope that somebody makes a movie about this, real soon.  Half the dialog is already written.


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