Pumpkin Fest

The event (I overheard one minor debate over whether it was called halloween or the pumpkin festival) was a huge success. There were sixteen kids there. Probably about twice that number of parents, grandparents and assorted adult relatives. My costom was The Grim Reaper and it was my job to stand near the top of the hill, the last of five checkpoints where the kids got candy. My wife who organized the whole thing sent us out to wait and, I swear it was about an hour before she sent the kids. Fortunately it was a lovely cool evening. The view was spectacular and it felt great to be standing in the middle of a deathly still village road, contemplating the meaning of existence. Other highlights of the evening were the pumpkin carving contest, roasting sausages over the campfire and Helena’s applekin pie, which might have been called pumple pie but the apple flavor dominated. Also her pumpkin bread was awesome. A good time was had by all. Everybody wants to do it next year. I may try to add some photos tomorrow but this is being written on a phone, so that’s it for now.


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