Dumbass of the Day

Casey Nocket is an aspiring young artist from New York City.  She is also a nature lover, so it is no surprise that she wanted to tour America’s magnificent natural parks.  Yosemite, Crater Lake, the Grand Canyon, Zion, places luck that.  She is a groundbreaking, unconventional artist, not to be limited to

Acrylic on Rock, overlooking Crater Lake

Acrylic on Rock, overlooking Crater Lake

painting landscapes on canvas.  Casey Nocket decided to paint directly on the rocks.

She was so knocked out by her own artistic genius that she took photos of her colorful work, her addition to the natural landscape.  She posted those photos to Instagram.  Other people saw them and shared them to  places like Reddit and facebook.  Soon, many people had seen Casey’s art.

Some people did not appreciate her vision.  Some people called it ‘graffiti’ (because it’s graffiti) and ‘vandalism’ (because it’s vandalism).  Some people even reported her to the police,  who should have no trouble finding her, because she’s all over the internet.

Poor Casey.  “Maybe next time I’ll just paint on the tombstones in a cemetery,” she said.  “Maybe then people won’t get so excited.”

No, Casey.  Maybe next time you should try actually painting something on canvas.  If you are any good (which you are not) people will want to look at it.  And our natural heritage will be preserved.


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