A Lovely, Misty Day

When we left the house this morning, my daughter and I, it was raining a bit.  I considered going back in for an umbrella but we were running a bit late and it wasn’t really rain, just sort of a light drizzle.  More like walking through fog, the rain wasn’t actually falling, it was more like you were walking through it.    I figured I could deal with that.

I dropped her off a bit before 8.  My first class at the Gymnasium (High School) where I teach on Thursdays was at 9:40, and I got there way early, so I stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s.  I don’t care what anybody says.  I like their breakfasts.

I had time enough to get started on a poem but not quite enough inspiration to finish it.  The concept is that in the same way we see farther at  night, when our back is to the  Sun and the sky is dark, so it is with dreams.  When we close our eyes and give up on consciousness, the dreams appear.  They are the stars of our consciousness.

The classes all went fairly well, even the two problematic ones.

After that, it was two hours to my next class, at the German pre-school.  I got on the first bus that came along, figuring it would go the same way as the tram I usually take, but it took a weird turn right off the bat.  It would have got me to a Metro station, but way the hell in a different direction to where I needed to go.

I got off after one stop and started to walk back but right  away, the road crossed a stream and I took a left and went for a walk.  I love this city.  There are places like that every where you look.  They are underused spots, which is both their beauty and their curse.  They are overgrown, and not crowded, but you see a lot of garbage strewn around.  Why in the world is a plastic bag hanging from a tree?  Who does that?  I strolled for about half an hour and there were points were I couldn’t see any sign of the city at all.

It was lovely but I reached a point where I figured I’d better get out and get back on some form of public transport, or two hours wasn’t going to be enough.  So, I did, but I was still in a part of town I didn’t know at all.  It was O.K., I made my class in plenty of time and 3 little kids, who think they are very clever, pummeled me with pillows for an hour.  If they’re learning any English from me at all, I’d be surprised.

Then I picked up Isabel from school and we went home.  The air was still misty.  Nothing had changed.


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