The Boyd Bushman Declaration

This story came out a few days ago, but I just read it now.  I’ve kind of been avoiding it because it seems obviously flaky, like somebody had read a bit too much science fiction.  Aliens, from the planet Quintumnia, who can reach the Earth in 45 minutes, and some of them are in government.  I wonder who he’s suggesting?

Boyd Bushman

Boyd Bushman

But, the guy was a well respected aerospace engineer, and had some connections with Area 51, so his deathbed statement is a matter of historical record and interest and now the concept is out there, with at least as much credibility as Astrology or Reincarnation, so speculation is permissible.  Maybe even a movie.  Could aliens reach our planet as easily as a short bus ride?  Could they be impersonating  us imperceptibly?

Sure and sure.  Of course, that would mean faster than light travel.  Way faster.  I tend to think that’s impossible, that all of these folding of space-time theories are more poetry than science.  But, Clarke’s Law (one of them, I think  it’s the 3rd): Any sufficiently advanced technology will seem to be magic.  If they are 10,000, 100,000, or millions of years more advanced than us (certainly possible within a planet’s life span), who knows what they’re capable of.  Body snatching?  Piece of cake.

Partly, I want to believe Boyd Bushman because I don’t want to believe that he was just a crazy old man.  On the other hand, even if he is a crazy old man, I’m kind of glad that we have crazy old men, true believers in the Star Trek world of the future, who are so crazy to connect with aliens that they make them up.

On the third hand (we need more hands) I want to believe it because I, like crazy old Boyd Bushman, want to believe that there are other civilizations  in the universe more evolved than our own.  Because if human beings are the pinnacle of existence, that’s messed up.   Because, seriously, we’re not that great.





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