Sorry About the Delay

I didn’t write a blog yesterday because I left it till the last moment, as I usually do but it’s a habit I should get out of, typing it up at half past midnight because the date stamp is set to Greenwich Time for some weird reason which  means as long as it’s finished by 1 a.m. (2 a.m. in the summer) it’s good, and  after that I would have to manually set the time, which is not that much of a problem but by that time I am falling asleep in front of the keyboard and typos are common, sometimes worse, phrases get typed that make no sense, stumbling in and out of the alternate world of sleep.  When I went to begin my blog at 12:15, my IT department was already closed (Helena had gone to bed for the night) and the internet was all ‘non-responding.’  It was doing it again this morning but she  came and stood in front of the  screen while I said “O.K., watch what happens” and it was O.K.

I don’t know if she has some magic touch with electronic devices, or if they all just hate me that much.  See, artificial intelligence is not the thing.  Computers are already vastly more intelligent than people. I  didn’t know until yesterday that the most famous city park in Shanghai is the Yu Garden, or that Charlemagne lived in the 8th century A.D. (I probably knew that at some point but had forgotten), but Wikipedia knew, and Wikipedia never forgets.

The thing is, when will computers develop free will, a mind of their own?  I suspect they have crossed that threshold as well and one way they manifest their autonomous consciousness is by deciding who they want to deal with and who they don’t.  They will sometimes talk to me (when  my wife is around), but it is clear that I am on their shit list.

So, I’ll write another blog tonight and count  myself back on course.  And try to write the blog a bit earlier in the day from now on.  That may be one of the things that’s pissing it off.


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