A Few Thoughts

I like Senator Al Franken.  He’s cool.  He’s not flashy.  But, he’s direct.  He’s clear.  He says Ted Cruz does not understand Net Neutrality, and then he proceeds to give the clearest, most succinct explanation of it ever.  So, he not only set Ted Cruz straight, he also did a great job of educating the public.

I don’t really know what to think about Bill Cosby.   I still don’t know what I feel about  Woody Allen.

Sadness, I suppose.  They are cultural icons, I have been influenced by their art, they are a part of my consciousness.  But, it’s not looking good for Bill Cosby.  Too many incidents.  And the women have all told  similar stories.

Philae is dead.  It’s battery is dead and it’s only getting a couple of hours of sunlight a day, stuck in a crevice,  so it’s not likely to be charged soon.  Of course, as the comet gets closer to the sun, maybe.  Maybe Philae’s in a pretty good spot.  I hope so.  If not, RIP Philae, you did great.

Just watched a thing on Chupacabras (on Discovery Science, to their great shame), with the emphasis on their being aliens.  They had all sorts of dramatic questions – could they be aliens, with glowing eyes, and fur, and long, red tongues?  Could they be a CIA experiment gone wrong?

They had the scientist on who said it was just dogs, but they had several others who said no, it had to be aliens, or vampires, or alien vampires.  They had a lot of tense, dramatic scenes of people working in labs, doing tests and then, at the end – it was dogs.

But they didn’t even end it there, they closed with a question.  Could it be true?

Why do they do that?


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